The start Of A Happy Night

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You blush as james sits back down and holds your hand under the table.

You feel weird so you quickly finish your ice cream cone.

James rubs your hand and looks at you.

You stare at him back "james....i love you too"


You sit on bell's bed, listing to her babiling about you and james dating.

"i don't know jess....maybe this isn't a good idea"

You frown " you being drunk all the time isn't a good idea"

Bell stares at you"ok ok whatever....just don't come crying to me once he breaks up with you"

You sigh " shut up"

Bell smiles and sticks her tounge out.

You get out of her room you walk to yours

Once you get to the door you here a loud bang come from james's room. Being curious you walk to his door. You hear james curse and grunt.

He never cruses.

You knock on his door and all the crusing stops.

He walks to the door and smiles at you.

"hey jess"

You smile back"hey"

He opens the door more showing his shirtless body.

You bite your lip.

He was tone and pale. His body looked way different than what you expected.

James looks at you"wanna come in"

You blush and switch your eyes to his"uh sure"

He smiles and walks.into his room. You shortly follow after.

His room was neat and smelt like colonge and lemon.

You sit on his bed and he sits next to you.

He slowly rubs your back with is hand. You softly sigh, making sure he wouldn't hear.

But he did

He puts his hand under your shirt tracing his fingers up and down your spine.

Goosebumps cover your back and james snickers.

"you like this huh"

You blush"kinda"

James smiles"oh"

He rubs your back still.

You both sit in silence intill you both hear a howl and a groan outside.

james stops and stands up.

You follow him to the door and he opens it.

Snicker your blood covered husky runs in.

Her smiles stretches once she sees you.

You rub her head and someone else walks in.

Your sister yui.

She sorta smiles at you and blushes.

"sorry sis....snicker didn't want to hush up intill she saw you"

You smile "classic snicker"

James sits on his bed and calls snicker over.

Snicker lays next to him and he rubs her back.

Yui smiles,"should I take her or not"

You shake your head" she's fine.. You can go"

Yui nods and leaves and closes the door.

You look back at james.

James was kissing snicker on the head.


You sit next to james and call snicker over to your lap. She obeys and lays there. You scratch her head and james kisses your cheek.

You giggle and push him

He smiles "what".

snicker looks at you.

Her eyes filles with surprise.

You pat her head with care.

James kisses up your forehead to your cheek and to your lips.

You kiss back and stop petting snicker.

Snicker jumps off your lap and goes under james's bed.

You smile and so does james who kisses you softly on your cheek again.

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