Jane walks in the next morning with Maura hand in hand with a smile that could lighten the whole BPD. Their in the elevator "I'll see you at lunch" says Jane. Maura nods and they share a kiss they get in different elevators to go to their respect work place. Jane walks into the bullpen and sit at her desk . She looks at Korsak and Frost who are looking at her "what?" she says. Frost looks at her "what its up with the smiles?" Jane shrugs. She would like to brag 'oh my beautiful wife is pregnant with my child' but she and Maura didn't talk about when they were going to tell people so she just shrug. Frost gave her the funny eye "Mm okay whatever you say" he says getting back to work. Her phone goes off "Rizzoli" she answers "okay we'll be there" she hangs up the phone "we got a body" she says as she stands up. They all stand up and she call Maura "hello" "hey baby do you want to ride with me?" asks Jane. Maura smiles "yes I'll be there in minute" "okay" they hang up. They get to the parking lot and Jane waits for Maura by the elevator. The elevator doors open and she sees her beautiful wife "hey ready?" she says grabbing Maura's hand. Maura nods, they get to Jane's unmarked and Jane opens the car door for her "thank" "you welcome baby" she kisses her. "ew Rizzoli get a room!" yells Frost and Jane flips him off "you're just jealous!" she yells back "damn right I am how come you get a lady like Doctor Isles and I am still single" he replies. Jane smirks "cause you got no game Frost!' she says rounding to her side of the car "oh and Frost!" "yeah?" "its Rizzoli-Isles" through this whole conversation Maura is giggling. Jane gets in the car and Maura kisses her cheek "I love you" she says with a huge smile. Jane looks at her with a huge smile "I love you too"

*at the crime scene*

"what do we got?" Jane asks Frankie while Maura goes inspect the body. "male, age 35, divorced, his wallet and belongings are intact" "so it wasn't a break in" she says. "Frankie check the perimeter see if you find anything unusual, Frost! I need you to check his records in anything let me know if you find something I want records of who he last had contact with, what were his last purchases anything" they both nod. Korsak comes to her " who found him? she asks him "the neighbor says she came to asks for sugar and the door was open so she came in and found him like this" Jane nods "you got the statements right?" he nods "yeah  I'm going back to the precinct with frost to look for possible suspects" she nods "alright see you there". She walks up to her wife "what do you got Doctor Rizzoli" Maura smiles, Jane bends next to her putting her hand on Maura's back "well Detective Rizzoli he has a shot wound to the chest and from what I can tell it was at close range" Jane nods "he also has some kind of tattoos on both of his hands" she says. Jae looks at them and her eyes go wide "Maura those are Islamic Terrorist tattoos" she whispers in her ear. Maura stiffs and Jane squeezes her waist "I need you to stand up calmly and tell your crew to get out of the house and tell officer Gomez to get in here" she whispers and Maura nods. Jane stands up "okay I need you to please step outside with the body as soon as possible please" "but Doctor -" "Now! I gave you an order please trust me and follow it" she says and they nod. Maura goes out with her lab tech and the body while Jane stays inside. She takes out her gun and officer Gomez walks in "how can I help you Detective" she turns around "Gomez I'm going to tell you this and I am going to need for you to stay calm" he says and he nods "we are looking for any sigh of a bomb" his eyes go wide." A-a um a bomb?" she nods, turns around and starts looking "stay with Gomez" "yeah- yeah I'm cool" they search around the house. Jane gets close to the bedroom when she hears a 'tick, tick, tick' coming from the closet. She opens the door carefully but sees nothing but towels, she moves them around gently and she finds it reading '00:15' "GOMEZ! GET OUT! NOW!" she says as she runs towards the entrance with Gomez behind her. Just as she is out the door she hears it she doesn't know how but she hears the bomb go off "Gomez jump!" both of the throw themselves out the steps landing just outside the yard when the house explodes a big 'boom' is heard and the alarm of cars go off. "Jane!" says Maura as she runs to her wife who is in the floor coughing "baby are you okay!?" asks Maura concern. Jane sits up "yeah honey I'm fine" she says as Maura hugs her "its was close Jane so close" sobs Maura. Jane hugs her back really tight "honey I'm fine, I'm here" she kisses her forehead "I'm not leaving you" "Detective Rizzoli" Jane looks to see another officer "yes?" "we just receive another call saying a shopping mall just exploded" Jane and Maura look at each other knowing this is going to be a difficult, stressful case

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