chapter 2

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"Arabella youre gonna be late!"

I sat up quickly and rubbed my eyes. Looking over at my alarm clock that read 6:30, I mentally cursed myself for staying up last night watching reruns of Glee.

I threw on my school uniform consisting of a black skirt, white blouse, and a red blazar. I attempted to lace up my converse while running down the stairs, but failed when I tripped on the last step. Walking into the kitchen, I grabbed a piece of burnt toast and my school bag heading towards the door.

"Arabella wait." 

I slowly turned around coming face to face with the woman I've been trying to aviod; my mother.

Before you say "no you cant avoid your mother, shes your mother," I have a pretty logical reason. You see at the start of summer my mom married Duke, and Duke persay isnt my favorite. He probably is the only reason my parents got divorced and is the soul cause of my father's destructive ways.

My mother and Duke had an affair without my father's knowledge for as long as I could remember. When I was younger, I'd come home to them sitting together on the couch, or making food like a real married couple. It was upsetting to say the least. She used to brib me with money and cookies if I didnt tell daddy. 

I think they wouldve kept this little secret for alot longer without my dad's recollection if he hadnt decided to come home early to suprise his loving wife and child with tickets to Hawaii. 

I still remember the look on his face when he saw his wife and another man kissing right infront of him. He threw us out right on the spot. I was crying and holding onto his legs like a little kid yelling "daddy please dont this. Please daddy please."

He held a solem expression with disapointment in his eyes saying, "Arabella this is your fault." I had never cried so hard in my life. I walked away from my childhood home and didnt look back.

After that I stayed at various friends houses for the summer and refused to go to my mom's wedding. I only just got back a couple days ago when she threatned to put me in public school. 

"Can I help you Renee?" 

"Arabella, that is no way to talk to your mother."

"Oh right I wouldnt want to risk getting thrown out again. What do you want?"

"Duke needs to borrow your car."

"What no its my car I paid for it."

"No Arabella Duke needs it for work. His car broke down yesterday."

" How the fuck am I going to get to school?"

"Arabella dont say that, you need to walk."


I slamed the door to Duke's house and walked down the brickpathway to the sidewalk. I glanced down at my phone screen that read 6:50.


It was the first day of school and I was going to be late. I started to walk faster as I heard a honk of a horn. I looked to my left as a black Range Rover pulled up next to me.

"Need a ride babe?"

British accent, its New York. I was just about to decline his offer but when I looked at the time, first period started in 10 minutes and it would be a 15  minute walk. I looked up at the unknown figure taking in his facial expressions.

Damn he was hot. Curly hair and these green piercing eyes. 

"Yeah okay."

He broke out into a grin dimples popping. 

"Come on in love, I think were going to the same school."

"NY Academy right?" I asked while buckling my seatbelt. 

"The one and only." he said laughing. ugh he was so cute.

"So why I havent seen you there before? I mean Im pretty sure I would remember a british boy."

"New student. I just moved here with my mum and older sister. We had some um difficulties back in England." he shrugged.

" Oh well from your fellow Junior Class President, welcome to NY Academy. Im Arabella." 

He smiled and grabbed my hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Arabella. Harry, Harry Styles."

So maybe its not just the movies. British boys are deffinitly better.


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