Mixed Emotions

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Heaven POV

Me and Prince have been the best of friends since me and him met at the Sketchers commercial. We started dating about 5 years ago but things have been different. We both try to make time for each other. But that doesn't ever seem possible. Girls have been going crazy for him and iv'e been noticed a lot by other guys.But DON'T get me wrong we do have some pretty great times together and we both have a lot in common,but lately i just don't now.I guess we'll find out!

Location:✨Home in the Beverly Hills

Time:6:30 am

When i woke up from my sleep i rolled out of my satin sheets i smelled my favorite breakfast: Strawberry pancakes, turkey bacon, & he even got my favorite strawberry cream frappé from Starbucks! When i smelled that i ran to my bathroom and brushed my teeth,washed my face and ran to my closet to pick out my running clothes which consist of: Stretch pants, Under Armor sweat shirt,and my Sketcher running shoes and put my my hair back in its messy bun. I wonder why he is making my favorites when he just yelled at me last night! He probably feels sorry, i have that effect on him! 😏 When i got done i ran to my door when i opened i saw Prince about to knock to wake me up.

Me:Good morning *looking down and holding my arm*

Prince : *picked up my chin* look im sorry about last night i shouldn't have blown up at you like that. Although you really do make me late, i don't mind it and it won't happen again. I love you and i made breakfast for you...all your favorites..but i see you are about to go running soo-

Me:No thats ok babe ill eat then go on my run its no problem but you are the best Prince! Thank you so much babe i love you and i'm gonna work on being faster in the morning ok?!

Prince: Thank the lord cause if walter yell at me again-

Me: Yea yea yea i know, now come on you got that hot food down there for me and I'm starving!

Prince: FATTY!

Me and Prince laugh and head downstairs to the kitchen where i saw my big buffet shaped like a heart! he is so cheesy but i love it! I am so lucky to have Princeton.

Me:Um babe don't you have rehearsal?

Prince: No not today I'm off I'm going to hang with the boys later.

Me: -_- Oh ok

Prince: Don't give me that look i deserve it don't i?

Me: I guess you do i don't know why you want to hang with those wanna be thugs anyway its not like they are better than me!

Prince smirks and gives me a side look

Prince: Right! (Sarcasm)

I got done with my plate and frappé and thanked Prince for the food and gave a kiss and headed out the door for my run. My run only last about an hour or if I'm feeling fat 2 hours and right now I'm feeling extra fat so 2 hours it is.*2 hours later*I ran back to the house and opened the door just to feel the cold air hit me.I walk in and walk over to the couch to see a note from Prince on it. It read:Hey babe by the time your done with your run I'm probably gonna be already headed out with the boys love you see you in a bit.

Me:*put the note down & walk to the kitchen*

Since he is hanging with his boys I'm calling Hope over.

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