I sat in the front seat of mom's car with both earbuds shoved into my ears listening to sweet music to calm a shifting mind. My phone vibrated, snapping whatever collected thoughts I had back to the harsh reality. A snapchat from none other than Chloe.

It was an innocent selfie with the caption complaining about Monday. Typical,
I sent her back a picture of me rolling my eyes. It was a good picture, of course.

My hair was straight and my makeup was perfect. It always was, as one mistake and I could loose my title as most popular bitch at Pittsburgh Intermediate; and that was not a title I was willing to bargain for.

I worked hard deserving the respect I need. Like Regina George, but worse. And I was tired of the mean girls references, so overblown.

Chloe was second and Paige was third. We were the queen bees and we knew it. I knew it.

I turned my phone off and stared out the window. We pulled up to the driveway of how school, the dump. I hated it and I didn't want to go, but having everyone worship you did have its perks.

"Bye mom." I mumbled.

"Bye Maddie, have a good day." My mom grunted back. My sister Kenzie was too absorbed in her phone that I just didn't even bother saying bye. It was Monday, everyone was moody in my house.

I hopped out of the car and smoothed out my black dress and my black flats tapped the sidewalk softly. Not looking up from my phone, I walked into the school.
I could feel the eyes turn to me as I strut down the hall to where my locker was, and taking a deep breath I ignored each solitary greeting that had one wish behind it; to get on my good side.

I looked ahead, classifying each group and only lifting my hand in a slight wave to the group we classified as the Athletic Guys. They were all jerks but it was funny to see them drool over us.

I walked to my locker to see this nobody Lindsey kissing Johnny Burkes, a long lost crush of Paige.

"Oh Lindsey, you moved on from that guy you were kissing at the party last night pretty fast!" I said leaning against the lockers next to them. It was a lie of corse, but that's what you get for being in my way. I knew that she was actually at the library last night studying because Chloe and I walked passed it on our way back from shopping.

"Wait, what? So that's what 'I'm going to study at the library' means to you?" Johnny asked sternly, stepping away.

Lindsey denied it but left brokenhearted, not before looking at me.

"You are an awful person Madison Ziegler."

"I'm not the one who hooked up with someone last night," I replied, smiling softly.

She stormed away and I pushed my glossy lips together feeling satisfied. Chloe walked up behind me wearing the black dress also. We almost always twin with Paige too on Mondays and whoever gets the least compliments has to do something embarrassing. My way of keeping the supreme position.

"Hey." Chloe said. Her hair was straightened, too. Her eyeliner was smudged a little bit.
I nodded at her as I unlocked my locker with quick motions.

"That was so funny what you did to Lindsey and Johnny. It was a perfect pull off. Proud of you." She said smiling.

"I know right? It was just a coincidence that we saw them yesterday."

She laughed and we got our things from our locker and then heading to the bathroom to fix Chloe's eyeliner. We walked in and saw Paige putting on mascara while a group of wannabes watched her. They were whispering. I rolled my eyes.

"Go away losers, your never going to be her, so stop stalking her." Chloe said towards the group.

They looked at each other and walked out. We laughed. One of the girls looked back.

"You know, you're not that great. You think you're so perfect. You're really just a bunch of bitches." She said.

"Oh, honey. I'm sorry for whatever home issues are going on. It may be a good idea to take your anger out on someone like a therapist or a mental hospital nurse." Paige replied.

The girl stormed out annoyed. I smirked at them.

"We look cute today!" I said, as we fixed our hair. Well, they did. I didn't need to.

The bell rang and we walked to our first class, math. We had almost all our classes together because we changed our schedules by hacking into the principles office during the summer. It was worth it.

You know when you can feel it in the pit of your stomach that something is about to go terribly wrong? It could have been the overbearing sense of a hangover that I still hadn't recovered from, but there was definitely something about to go wrong. And I wasn't about to let it get in the way of my reign.


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