Found (Smut)

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Ronnie's POV

I slowly closed the door, trying to to make a sound so I don't wake up my daughter, Emma.

Beep Beep

The small tone from my phone wen't off from it's spot across the hall and in my bedroom, I slowly walked there, I picked it up and saw a text from Zayn.

From: Malik

Shes gone need u now!

To: Malik

On the way

I sighed and wen't over to my locked drawer that i keep all my strip clothes, I grabbed a studded bra and small strap thong, I slipped of my clothes and put them on, I put on a pair of short shorts and grabbed my varsity jacket, I slipped that over my torso and wen't to Jane's room, I knocked and entered when I heard a faint 'come in'

"Hey, I'm gonna be gone till tommorow, if i'm not here by six, wake Emma up and get her ready for school please" I said when I saw her laying in her bed with a book, she nodded without even looking up at me. Soon after I put on my shoes I started my five minute walk to Zayn's house. Oh here let me tell you whats happing.

Hi my name is Ronnie Santiago, I have a nine year old daughter named Emma, we live together in a small flat with my best friend and collage Jane, wondering what my job is? well i'm a stripper, I and Jane work to eat, have a roof over our heads, and send Emma to school, I'm 25 years old. Right now i'm on my way to Zayn Malik's house, he's 26 and my best client, He's married to a girl named Perrie, shes a really nice girl but i don't really care cause i gotta do what i gotta do for my baby girl.

"Well damn Ronnie..." Zayn said as he saw me standing infront of his doorstep, wearing only my thong, shorts, and bra.

"Mmmhumm" I hummed and stepped into the house, taking in the sent of Zayn as i walked past him.

"Let's skip foreplay, i miss your tight little pussy." He growled in my ear as he grabbed my waist and pulled my ass into him, i felt his hard member brush against my ass, I smirked and turned around. He dragged me too the room and almost threw me on his bed.

"I'm gonna make you scream my name baby" He mummbled agenst my thigh as he pulled down my thong with his teeth and unclipped my bra with his hands.

"Please daddy." I begged, just getting into character. He smirked up at me as me started licking my clit, his mouth latching onto the small nub, making me moan loudly. He pulled away and and unbuckled his belt and took off his pants, along with his boxers, his large member sprung free and hit his abb's, my eyes widened as i saw how big he is, i never can forget that. He started pumming himself lightly as he brought it close to my face.

"You want is baby? you want my cock in your mouth?'' He growled, i nodded eagarly and took him in hands and slowly licked the tip, he moaned loudly. I took all of him in mouth and bobbed my head up and down really fast.

"If you keep doing that I'ma cum in your mouth" He groaned, i giggled and pulled away from his throbbing member. He almost slammed into me, making me scream i pleasure. He kept slamming into me.

"I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

''Me to baby" He yelled. "FUCK!"

We both released our juices, he kept thrusting a few more times to ride out our high's. He collapsed onto of me and rolled off me, he rapped his tattooed arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

"Stay?" He asked tiredly. I nodded and gave him a small peck, I soon heard small snor's so i took that as my cue to sleep also.

((((((((((((((NEXT MORNING)))))))))))))))

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I heard a girls voice yell, waking me and Zayn up. Zayn looked up at the person standing, lets make that five people...

"Perrie! boys!, what are you doing here?" He asked neversly.

"I live here, who is that..that slut?!" She yelled while pointing at me. I looked behind her to see four boys looking digested at me.

"HEY!! Do not call her that!" Zayn yelled, he was getting angry so i put my hand on his bare chest to calm him down. Some nights he calls me when he gets in a fight with her, he always ends up hitting her. He always says that I calm him down, which i find kinda sweet. Zayn looked down at me, i shook my head and he sighed and nodded, knowing what i meant. He's gone two mouths without hitting her cause of me.

"Come on Perrie" A boy with curly hair and emrald green eyes said and put an arm around her shoulder, and took her out of the room, but not without glaring at me. Not Zayn but me. The other boys also glared at me and walking to the livingroom.

"I'm sorry Ronnie." Zayn said as he got up out of bed and put on clothes.

"It's fine Zayn, i will not leave till everything is figured out okay?" I said and slipped on an bra that i brought, and some boyshorts.

"Really?" He laughed when he saw my blue and white stripped bra that i paired with some blue boyshorts that had 'pink' written on it with neon yellow, and matching neon yellow bows. I stuck my tounge out at him and he laughed even more. I rolled my eyes and put on a sweater and some sweat pants. I stuffed my clothes into the bag from last night. We walked out and into the living room to see, five boys comforting a crying Perrie.

"Look Per-" Zayn started but was cut off.

"Save it Zayn! i knew you were cheating on me...but i never wanted to see it..." She trailed off.

"I really am sorry Perrie, i do love you but...not in the same way anymore" He sighed, i just stood there aca-wardly as the other boys still glared at me.

"I know Zayn...I can move on...oh and thank you" She said while looking at me.

"W-what did i do?" I asked.

"I have a feeling your the reason he stopped hitting me" She said gratefully. What the actual fuck is going on?

"Uhh y-your welcome?" I said, but came out more as a question. She got up and wen't to the bedroom, to do what I'm guessing is packing. My phone wen't off from the coffee table, everyone stopped looked at the phone then looked at me. I sighed and walked over and picked up the phone, i saw Jane calling me so i picked up.

"Hey" I said into the phone.

"MOMMY!" I heard the voice of Emma scream, i'm one pretty sure everyone heard.

"Hey baby, did aunt Jane get you up for school?" I asked, just now seeing that it's 1:39pm.

"Yes mommy, it's a half day so i come home now, are you home?" She asked.

"Uh no baby, i will be soon though." I answered.

"Okay mommy love you, bye" She squealed and hung up before i could say bye.

"Jane better not get her ice-cream" I mutterd to myself. I looked up to see everyone staring at me....

Boy this is gonna be a long day...

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