My face blanched as I looked at myself in the mirror. This. Day. Was. Awful! I hid my face in my hands and sat down on the little bench in the fitting room. 

"Kitten? How is it?" Jay asked from on the other side of the curtain. I hadn't allowed him in yet. 

"Fine..." I murmured. 

"You've said that about all the others you've tried on," he pointed out. "Can I see?"

"No!" I exclaimed, though he was already lifting the curtain. 

He froze and stared at me in surprise. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in so the curtain wasn't hanging wide open as I stood, worse than naked. His eyes dragged over me slowly, making me feel uncomfortable. I fiddled with my fingers and looked at the floor. I look up at him after a few moments to ask something.

I yelped as I was suddenly lifted up and pushed against the wall, my practically bare legs over his hips. 

"Fuck, Kaidan..." he growled slightly. 

"You like it...?" I asked hesitantly. 

"Like it? I fucking jumped for joy when I saw you pick it up."

I blushed even more. "Did we have to come to a lingerie place...? Isn't shopping online enough?"

"But then we can't have this wonderful experience. If we're quiet, we could have sex right here."

I shook my head, almost quickly. Sex standing up? I mean, it would only be my second time...

"What did you say this was called...?" I asked hesitantly. 

"It's a white lace basque. Beautiful if you ask me."

"Well, nobody did," I grumbled, pouting slightly. 

I closed my eyes slightly to mentally examine my body. My legs felt funny. The white stockings I had on had a black lace strip around the top and were attached to a stocking belt (that's what I was told anyway). The belt was hardly covering my arse, which was drafty and uncomfortably spread from the position Jay had me in against the wall and the G-string sliding further up.

The G-string was something Jay had stuck into the basket while at the clothes shop and then forced me into when we got into the changing rooms here. This one was scarlet, or 'whore red' as Jay so eloquently put it. 

The offending item that had my masculinity running for the hills was the 'white lace basque'. It was tight against my body and the laces that went from each side all round the back to meet up with the other side would undoubtedly leave pressure marks on my skin. 

Overall, I had to admit: I looked good. Much better than all the other things Jay had forced into my hands. Even the red stilettos - matching the G-string almost perfectly - that currently adorned my airborne feet looked good. 

I felt sexy.

Despite the blush over my cheeks. 

"Put me down," I muttered, fiddling with the collar of his shirt. He did as he was asked without another word.

It suddenly occurred to me why Jay had forced me into the disabled fitting room, much larger than the rest: he wanted to join me. Two could play at that game. 

As soon as my heels clicked on the linoleum flooring, I wobbled as sexily and seductively as I could possibly achieve over to where he'd put the bags in the corner. I spread my legs shoulder-width apart and leant down to 'look through the bags'. His groan and hitched breath was exactly what I was aiming for. 

I pretended I hadn't heard and picked something up from the bag, the first thing I could find; a clean non-holey pair of boxers. I bit my lip, wondering what to do with them briefly, before turning around slowly and holding them against crotch. 

"Which do you prefer?" I asked as sweetly as I could, tilting my hips slightly

"Thong. Definitely... the thong," he whispered breathlessly, staring at me. 

"Well, maybe if you ask nicely I'll start wearing them more."

"Please! Please, Kaidan, wear them more. They make you look so fucking hot, please," he begged, whining slightly. 

I bit my lip, kind of enjoying this, his reaction. I might actually wear them more, ladies' underwear or not. I already had a full on set of lingerie on and apparently I looked more attractive than most actual women do. That's what Jay had said when we'd picked it up. I had no idea just how serious he was when he said it. 

"Change. Now. I want to go and choose an apartment so I can fuck you so hard you can't walk."

I gasped in surprise at his words and tightened my grip on the boxers. Well... I best get changed. 

(A/N Sorry it's been so long. Got a week off so will do my best to get a couple KM and SP chapters up. Photo ----> is how I imagined the basque Kaidan was wearing. Plus, that girl is SUPER hot. Chapter dedicated to ItsTessie for managing to read TFIOS and live. Can't deal with sad books right now... ~Beka)

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