Chapter 14

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We got out of Luke car, still smiling at what recently happened. We were now on the porch and I decided to kiss Luke. Suddenly bang happened inside and I pulled away Luke groaned.

We walked in and there was yelling coming from the kitchen followed by laughs. We walked in to discover both Saoirse and Ashton covered in flour. Saoirse's hair was practically white and she hand prints round her boys the same with Ashton. They smiled at us.

"We got bored so we baked a cake" Saoirse smiled. Flour was everywhere it was like a winter wonderland.

"I'm not cleaning this us" I said sternly.

"Yeah I know, Ashton get to work" she laughed.

"Er no" he laughed.

"Er yeah" they did this for two minutes before finally the started to clean.

The beeper beeped warning us the time was up for the cake. Saoirse ran and used a tea towel carrying the cake out and placing it on a plate. Saoirse and Ashton didn't bother waiting for the cake to cool down the got stuck in. They looked at each other wide eyes when they took the first bite and carried on not bothering to offer us a piece.

We went into the living room and stuck a the TV on. Saoirse and Ashton were cuddled up talking about music while I sat with Luke. We got bored so we stuck a horror film on which was in Luke's car. It was insidious. God this film was creepy Saoirse was curled into Ashton her hands covering her ear, making us laugh. Suddenly the demon popped up and I screamed. All eyes turned to me laughing. I stuck my middle finger up and cuddled back into Luke. Saoirse couldn't watch anymore and removed herself from the room and went to bed.

The film had finished and me and Luke stayed up watching family guy and Ashton went to bed with Saoirse. Something was definitely going on between the pair.

By the third episode my eyes began getting heavy. I looked up at Luke his chest was vibrating from the amount of laughing. I moved my head of his chest and cuddled into his side. I closed my eyes and soon I was asleep.

I woke up. Today was the day Luke was bringing me on a date. I felt nervous. I should be right. Anyway I was already ready I was wearing my leggings and Blink 182 top. I grabbed an apple and waited on the porch for Saoirse. She came out wearing a skirt and knitted jumper. We were both now waiting for Michael who was taking ages. The usual sound of his old car engine came louder as it got closer to the house. It pulled to a stop. We hopped in and drove to school we were running late. Luke was in the car, the reason we were running late was due to him doing his hair. We parked the car and jumped out the car. It was biology. Luke pulled me close to him as we walked down the hallway. I was now sitting back with Luke, thankfully Miss Street was running late so we didn't get caught.

"Today class were doing a practical" she huffed, she must of ran to the lesson. " Now you can go to study hall if you wish not to take part. We're dissecting so leave now if you want" Luke nudged me but I stayed put. Mainly girls left but I stayed. "Will be dissecting a eye now get started".

I began but Luke soon interrupted me " how can you do that?" he asked looking disgusted at the eye.

"Aww does Luke feel ill, you should've gone to study hall I wouldn't of judged" I laughed.

"No I'm fine" he joined in laughing.

I used the scalpel running it down the pupil. Luke looked away causing me to laugh.

It was finally the end of the day and Luke met me. He didn't tell me where we were going so I followed him, holding is hand. We arrived at a cafe and Luke ordered.

"Two milkshakes please."

"What flavour?" the girl behind the counter was eyeing him. Luke must of noticed so he pulled me closer to him.

"Chocolate, and two chocolate fudge cakes please".

"Ill bring them to you sir" she smiled at him and gave me a off look.

We were now finished and we walked round town for a while going into various shops. After experiencing Luke in a clothes store all I can say is never again. He kept holding up bras up to him. We decided to stick to music shops. We were now I'm a CD one and we were flicking through the many genres. I picked two out. I went with an All Time Low and Arctic Monkeys CD I went to the counter and paid I waited for Luke. He already had 5 CD's suddenly a little scream escape his mouth he ran to the counter now carrying 6 and paid we left the shop with our carrier bags.

"What was the last CD you got which you screamed like a girl at?"

"I didn't scream like a girl, it was manly I had you know. It was a Good Charlotte one I haven't got"

We walked home hand in hand. We entered the house and Saoirse and Ashton were sprawled out on the living room floor, Kick Ass was playing so we started from the beginning and sat on the sofa. Half way through Luke fell asleep, I was now laying on him and my eyes shut, I struggled opening them again but I managed to and turned the TV off, I was too tired to walk up the stairs so I decided to sleep there.

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