Chapter 35

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After Angie had talked to Violetta, she went to her old classroom, which is actually her classroom again. The piano - oh, she had missed it so much.

She started playing on it when she heard someone came in.

German stood at the door, watching his girlfriend with a big smile. "I heard you're back at the Studio. That's great!" he smiled and walked closer to the piano. He gave her a kiss on her lips.

"Yeah." she smiled back. "I love this job so much; I just can't let it go. That's why I took it again. When I'm in this room, I'm feeling home. I still remember the first day as a teacher. I was so nervous but when I saw this place; it was home."

German was now standing next to her, and he started playing on the piano. After some seconds he also started singing Algo se enciende.

His voice.

Oh how much she loves it. She stared into his eyes, and suddenly she was in an another world. She started singing too, completely lost in the music.

After they sang, they looked into each other. She was so lost in him that she didn't hear her phone ring.

She answered it. "Yes... I'll be there, okay." she said. "I have to go, Pablo needs me. I love you." she gave him a kiss and walked out of the classroom.

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