Chapter 11

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Colleen's POV

All the girls and i went down stairs to meet the guys, when we got there, Seirra went right to Taylor, Randa went right too Carter, Autumn went right to hayes, Cece went right to matt, and paige went right to shawn, Trin and I were gonna go to cam and Nash, but there were already standing infront of us, they both said at they same, "cute outfits ladies" me and trin both started laughing we walked out front of the hotal and got in the cars we took 4 cars, 

in the first car





2nd car





3rd car










*After dinner*

We were all at the hotal watching movies, i fell asleep on nash, but was soon woking up because nash wanted me to do a Q&A with him cam and trinity.

we answered questions and then trin and cam left, but nash and i were still answering questions, when we got the next question it kinda upset me,

"I wanna die, what do i do. i feel like im hated by everyone around me, do you guys know how i feel?" 

I slightly felt tears falling down me check i left the camera veiw for a bit, but soon came back, i asked nash the name of the girls twitter, i followed her and we started dm shes so sweet, i got all the guys to follow her also, she was so happy it made me happy, i told her my story how i self harmed, but nash help one else knows be sides her and nash..

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