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After a long ass walk I made it to Sydney's house as soon as I got there. Nickie and Michelle were there...

Nickie:hey chanelle we were just waiting for u we're going to this new club.

chanelle:err I can't I'm have to look after shay.

Sydney:what about my next door neighbour you know she loves shay.

chanelle:Mmm okay y not.

Nickie:okay we're leaving about 11:00

*I looked At the time and it was 3:00 pm I had time I got Sydney car and I used it to go and pick up shay after I pick her up I got her ready to go to miss smiths house*

I got up to the door and knocked.

I waited and some one opened the door and it wasn't miss smith. It was a tall and hench  guy. He had short waves on his hair and he had a nice brownsugra skin tome also with a few tattoos here and there he looked sooo familiar.

"can I help you" He said, his voice was so deep he could make a girl wet as the Ocean
"Mmm is miss smith here" I said trying to not drag him to a room and open my legs for him
"that's my mum" he said trying to make this Conversation long and painful for me.

Miss smith came at the door
"ohhh hello sweet heart" her sweet voice Echoed through of room.
I replied with "hi miss smith can u look after shay, please just for the night" "ohh no problem"I really like miss smith she treats me and shay like her own.

I got home to get ready for the night.I took and nap and by the time I got up it was late I got in the shower for 15 min I got out and started getting ready.i put on my dress and did my hair and make up I was looking like the bomb Diggity.

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