Fõrever....argue again

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I was doing my homework and he was downstairs getting some lemonade juice for both of us so he can finish heloing me with the Pythagorean Thyrum for math class.

"im here" he said opening the door and closing it behind him with the big cups of lemonade. "yay" I said outloud he kissed my forhead and put his arms around my waiste as we did our homework finally it has been a month tomorrow the cast comes off my arm. "Hey can I ask you something?" he looked over and smiled at me.

"sure babe"

"d-" I took a deep breath

"will you ever love anyone else"

he laughed hard for about two minutes straight.

"Bella are you crazy I only love you"

" yeah sure" I murmured under my breath.

"C'mon bella stop being so stubborn" he said kissing my cheek I backed away and raised my voice "IM NOT STUBBORN" he moved back and stood up I stood up also "BELLA YOU DON'T NEED TO YELL"


"yes you are"

"ugh D-don't cut me off I hate when you do that I HATE YOU" the part I hate you slipped out of my mouth by accident he opened his mouth and yelled back "If YOU HATE ME THEN DON'T BE WITH ME" he turned around and slammed the door I couldn't stand us arguing I grabbed my leather jacket and since it always rains in longisland except in the morning I walked out into the rain with my tears sliding down my cheeks. The song called a thousand years by cristina perri was just stuck in my head after this argument I have loved Cameron for a thousand years the word hate spilled out by accident. I Couldn't take it when he walked out and so I went to the wet damp park in long island echo park and layed on the grass in that dark abandoned park crying. Everyone thinks I've just been crying I mean thats what matt, nash, jas, nayeli, chres and noeliz think they think I've been cryung but I just walk out into the rain and lay in that abandoned park in long island everyday. I don't answer his calls or texts I've been staying at leah's house and trying to avoid him. But I don't want this to keep going

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