Sorry guys today I went to the beach and kayaking and I had a lot of fun and I didn't forget about you guys so here is Chapter 5 :)

Shakira's POV:

Okay now I know I have a brother and he is Cameron Dallas. Yea I know we have the same last name but are parents kept it a secret this whole time!. All I know I'm glad to have another older sibling: ).

Hayes POV:

So my bestfriends Cam and Shakira are related I always thought they were related because they both look alike which was now explains everything. Now they are living together that means Cameron is staying North Carolina.

Shakira's POV

So Cameron and Me having a sibling day so let's see what happens......


So Guys sorry I couldn't update yesterday because I was out for the day in the beach and I got home late so I couldn't finish this chapter I will keep trying best to update EVERYDAY ok thanks bye Ilysm

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