2 months later

Siana’s P.O.V.

The sound of pattering rain hits the roof of my front porch, while I watch on goers walk down the street, not seeming to mind the drizzle. Coffee from inside the house brewed, and I can smell it strongly, since the window behind me stood open halfway. Sunshine glimmers across the damp macadam road, only being disturbed by a few random birds that decide to hop along, trying to find food, or a car that would cruise by slowly, heeding the ‘drive slow, we love our children’ sign. A heavy, yet soft hand rests on my shoulder, and I knew exactly who it was.

“How’re you feeling?” Hunter asks, taking a seat next to me.

I feel his pale blue eyes burn holes in the side of my head, while I stare at anything beautiful which crossed my gaze by chance. “I’m fine.” I say.

His hand reaches over and rests on my leg, which had a cover draped over it. The silence that fell over both of us was slightly uncomfortable, in its own way, but in a way I wish there were something to talk about. There just wasn’t, though.

I was numb to the pain of losing Caroline, now.

Alana was at Maria’s, playing with Evan.

Hunter’s tour was over.

Together, we seemed normal now. Numb, in a way. We never talked as much as we use to. We didn’t laugh, or crack jokes about each other. He never would take any chance he had to kiss me, or even just hold my hand. I was scared we were drifting apart, because of the bad things that happened, when I thought it would only make us stronger in the end. I guess I was wrong.

“I’m scared.” I hear him whisper.

I inhale deeply before saying anything. “Why?”

His hand reaches for mine, and the feeling felt foreign almost. “I’m scared for us.”

“I am too.” I answer truthfully, letting my heavy gaze find my lap.

The silence falls over us like a thick blanket again, and I felt trapped in it. Like no matter how much twisting and turning I did, I would never be able to escape its threatening hold on me.

“I have an idea.” I hear him say.

I look at him, and with two senses, I feel and watch as he holds my hand in his.

“What is it?”

“Get your shoes and a coat on. You’re going to like it, I promise.”


In a way, it almost felt like old times. The way we would just drive through downtown Nashville, while droplets of rain would pitter patter against the road in front and behind us. The only thing that was missing, that we had before, was words. Never had the silence been so uncomfortable, and painful. We didn’t have anything to talk about, and it was almost scaring me.

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