Gray Boy

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A/N Contains spoilers for Twisted Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole.

He was lanky,  with hair the color of dust, parted at the side so that it covered one of his eyes. His eyes were a dull lavender, cold... uncaring. His thin lips parted into a snarl, showing rows of sharp canine teeth. His attire was that of a jail guard, modified to suit his job: torturing and killing those who betrayed the throne.  He held a whip in one hand, a rapier in the other.   

He looked just like Tweedle Dee: The Jack of Hearts, Morgan.

He took a heavy step towards poor, defenseless Alice, chained against the wall. "Do you know who I am?" He asked in his deep, slightly raspy voice.  Alice shook her head with a whimper. "Tweedle Dum: The Gray Boy... and you, Outsider, won't get out of here alive."

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