Our First Date

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                                                               Saturday, 13:44

                                                                    Lily's POV

This week has been hard on both Javi and I. I have a few classes with him but most classes he's on his own and he has a few with Jojo too and he says Jojo gives him a pretty hard time sometimes. I find that so funny because Jojo's old friends just started talking to him again and  he's probably trying to impress them. I was just in the middle of some algebra when my phone started to ring.

Lily: Hello?

Javi: Hola.

I gigle, it's so sweet when he speaks Spanish.

Lily: Hey Javi.

Javi: Quick question, are you wearing clothes?

Lily: Yeah why?

Javi: You wanna go out for sushi?

Lily: I don't know.

Javi: I heard about this new place that just  opened up and iit looks pretty great so I thought I would take you there.

Lily: You mean like on a date?

Javi: Yeah, a date.

Lily: Javier I can hear you rubbing the back of your neck through the phone and you only do that when you're nervous and you don't need to be because I'll go with you.

Javi: Oh you will? Great, wear something pretty.

Lily: Don't I always?

Javi: I mean wear something prettier than you usually wear. Not that the stuff you usually wear isn't pretty I just mean wear something that's super pretty.

Lily: Alright I will.

Javi: See you in a while. 

Even after Javi told me he loved me and all, we've still been acting like friends so I'm pretty suprised he asked me out on a date. I'm really excited to go out to lunch with him but I promised myself I'd take it slow this time I love him too but I'm not sure if I'm in love with him.

Jojo and I were boyfriend and girlfriend before we even went on a date, Drew didn't count because it was pretty forced and Chres never really asked me to be his girlfriend, I just was.

So I figured that if I took it slow with Javi our relationship would be a lot better, see he respects me now but if I rush into things would he respect me as much as he used to or would he think I'm just desperate to get into another relationship? I mean dating's fun and all but it's also a lot of effort and sometimes it's just fun to be single.

Javi: I'll be at your door in like ten mintes.


(A/N: Nobu's a Japanese restaurant in London but I don't know if they have it in the US or not)

Lily: You're so sweet for bringing me here.

Javi: It's fine.

Lily: So I've been to one of these before in London and I know how expensive they are so I'll split the bill with you.

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