Infection part 16

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Ava bursts into tears,

"Now I know....he never loved me!"

"Ava, it's okay." Casey tries to comfort her "lets find a new camp."

We pack up all our stuff, and head off.

"Ya know, I've noticed something" Ava says.

"What?" Casey questions.

Ava starts talking again,"have you noticed that out here in the rural area, there aren't that many walkers?"

"But In the urban parts of Pennsylvania there's a million, yes." I say back.

We keep on walking, talking about what happen before we found each other,

Then I got shot in the shoulder, with an arrow.

Mystery POV

"Yes! you got her! nice work, bro!" Joey says.

"Yeah brah! nice shot!" john exclaims.

I look at the shot, I hit Lauren. Lauren Danielson.

I knew her, I dated her, she's one of my good friends. And I shot her.

My name, is Samuel Robotson.

Everyone calls me Sam.

I live in a world with zombies.

"Nice work Sam!" Callie exclaims "you have really improved in mudering!"


"Woah! chill I'm just saying that she might be dead, that arrow was pretty deep..."

Joey rudely interrupts our conversation,

"Okay! huddle up everyone!" Joey is our leader, he is very fond of revenge.

In this case,

Revenge on Lauren.


All 7 of us huddle into a circle,

"Alright, Lauren didn't handover this months payment of supplies, now, we'll take everything her group has!!!!" said Joey.

Everyone cheers.

"Okay, we need someone to go undercover. I have chosen....

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