Abigail's POV:

We had made it to castle after we left that dreaded town. We had gotten a demon dog out of Ciel's will to annoy Sebastian, and Nicole. We were walking on the concrete pathway to the door, and it creaked open.

"It is quite dusty in here. No one has been in here for over fifty years. It isn't that scary, though." I observed as I looked around the entrance room. Ciel walked in beside me, wearing a dark trench coat, and a small top hat. I was simply wearing my usual attire. A dark purple dress, and black gloves. We heard a rattle from the corner, and I turned my head.

The old king and his brother were standing there. But, that was over five-hundred years ago! They can't be here!

On instinct, I curtseyed to the king, and the young one. "Abigail. What are you doing?" Ciel asked behind me, and as an answer, I said to the king.

"It is a plessure to make your accuantance, Kind Richard." I stood straight up, and the king nodded at me. Ciel's cheeks rose red, and he bowed. "I am sorry, your majesty. I hadn't realized it was you."

"It's not a bother. What brings you here?" He asked, and Ciel stood up again.

"Her majesty would like you to evacuate this castle."

"I will not vacate this premasis. This has been my brother's and I's only home for the past five-hundred years. I refuse to leave." He crossed his arms over his chest, and his brother held the scull he had closer to him. The young one walked over to Sebastian and Nicole, and looked at them brightly.

"May we talk over a game of chess?" I asked, and the king nodded. I followed him down the corridor, and sat at the seat he gestured to. There was a chess board, and everything was set up. "It seems your brother has taken a liking to my maid, and Ciel's butler." I said softly, and the king nodded.

"How about this, If I win, we get your maid and butler to serve us."

"And if I win you have to vacate the area, and leave it in our hands to take care of in the mose respectful way." I countered, and we both nodded, agreeing to our deal.

We played for a while, and as I was about to win. He picked up his piece and changed it into a knight. I gasped at his action, and tried to hold back my anger as he was cheating. "Your Highness, is it fair to be changing a piece so late in the game?" I asked, and he got angry.

"It is my piece. I can use it to any advantage or disadvantage I please." I nodded. "Yes, Your Highness." He moved his knight across the board, and called a soft 'Check Mate'.

I sighed in anger, and turned to Nicole. "Nicole. I order you to serve his majesty." I said, and turned back to the king. Ciel said the same thing to Sebastian. I was soon led to the guest room where me and Ciel shall stay. I sat on the bed, and stared off at the ceiling.

"His majesty does not like liars, he said." Ciel spoke up after a while. I nodded, and he continued to speak.

"He hates liars, to be exact." I sighed, and placed my hand to my forehead. "Nicole and Sebastian aren't aloud to serve us for the time being. They belong to the king and young one now." I said. I honestly needed Nicole. I felt abondoned without her. Unprotected at all times.

I believe Ciel felt that way about being without Sebastian. "I'm going to go to the library, would you like to join?" I asked, and Ciel stood up, took my hand, and we walked out the door into the direction of the book filled room. I studied the golden room as I walked inside.

Books outlined the walls, and there was a chair sitting next to a bookcase. I walked over to chair, and all of a sudden, King Richard came through the door, and flew through no opening on the bookcase. I instantly grabbed books as I thought it would open the bookcase and allow me inside, and Ciel helped me.

Nicole and Sebastian came in moments later, and they opened a door leading to where the king had gone. I walked through and I saw him right ahead. He was standing in front of a giant table, that had skulls on top of it.

"King Richard." I curtseyed again as he turned to me. "What is this you have made?" I asked. He beckoned me over, and showed me his creation.

"This is my family. We're all here, all except me and Edward. I can't find my scull, but Edward won't let go of his own. I want everyone to live in heaven, and be at ease once again."

"How did you pass?" I asked, as it had not been told before. "I-I can't remember." He said, and I sighed. Poor boy.

"Will you do anything to get that scull away from your little brother?" Ciel asked, and King Richard nodded. "Alright."

~In The Morning~

I stood next to Ciel as Nicole was holding King Edward, and Sebastian was about ready to pull the scull away from the child. He was kicking and screaming to be put down, but we needed that scull. "Stop it!" King Richard yelled, and I shook my head.

"You said you were okay with whatever it is we could do to get that scull." Ciel said, and he shook his head, "Just stop! Stop hurting him!" He ran at Sebastian, but Sebastian moved away too quickly. The scull was ripped from the young one's hands, and was placed on the table, but nothing happened.

"I lied to you brother! It wasn't my scull! I didn't mean to lie to you!"

"You lied to me." Kind Richard whispered to his brother, and they had their sad conversation. They hugged each other, and King Richard remembered how they had died, and that their bones were long gone.

We were now standing outside the castle grounds, and Kind Richard and the young one were having a short conversation with us.

"I now know that you will be careful with this castle, and that I will be leaving it in good hands. Thank you Lady Abigail Villagomez, and Lord Ciel Phantomhive." Ciel and I bowed, and waved goodbye to the kings as we walked away. The workers started to work harder as Ciel yelled at them, and we continued to walk back to the manner. Such a terrbile day and now I expect it to be worse as we are going back to six maniacs we have to call servants as my servants had moved into the Phantomhive manner as well. What a tiresome day.

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