Chapter 2

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I just wanted to say most every chapter will be in Eren's view but some will be in the mystery girls view kk?

This chapter is in her view so I hope it's easy to follow along the story!:3


Coldness. All I felt was coldness seeping into my back. I felt drained, weak, and sad. the pain was now just a small aching in my torso. I slowly lifted my eyelids to see a crumbling roof above me.

I took a deep breathe, then the pain in my chest intensified and made my breathing go shallow. I slowly turned myself over onto my stomach and calmed my breathing. where am I? I kept thinking to myself as I pulled my head up to look at the roof.

It looked as if it could collapse at any second, I got to my feet as quickly as I could without hurting myself and started toward where there used to be a door to this crumbling home. As I walked out what it saw amazed me. Every building in sight was a pile of rubble, some still standing and some in great condition, but still, they were rubble.

"Where am I?" I quietly mumbled to myself as I walked down an empty lane. Some building a were burnt by the look of the stonework.

I quietly kept walking and turned a right corner. I suddenly heard a sound like a grunt. I looked up and saw a face smiling down at me. I gasped and quickly turned, running as fast as I could. building after building passed until they finally spaced out a bit. All of them were still standing and in good condition.

I finally saw fully what frightened me, it was a giant humanoid except it had a full smile, like it was being pulled up at the edges. from the way it was looking at me it didn't know I was there. I quickly ran to the next building. once again I checked if he noticed me, he didn't, good.

Running to the next one wasn't as easy, when I had about a quarter to go I hit a rock that flew towards the monster, hitting its foot. I made it to the building but I attracted its attention, man. I knew it'd be futile to try hiding so I finally came out of my hiding spot to run for it, but before I could the creature blocked my path, quietly walking closer, lessening my options of survival.

I quickly ran to the left, dodging it. I was in the open, but away from the animal. I started to make run for it when my feet were pushed out from under me.

I felt a blazing pain in my shin. I got into a sitting position to see what I tripped on, it was a rock, what a stupid thing to trip on I mean really!

The monster was now in front of me. It wasn't close enough to get me but that made it more suspenseful, death was about to come, my death. Tears burst out of my eyes. I started to cry, I'm gonna die, is all I could think.

"Hey, little girl!" I heard familiar voice to the left. as I turned I saw a girl flying towards the monster, with swords that looked shinier than steel. On the ground behind her was a boy, a boy I remember, Eren. I quickly ignored my pain and fear and ran towards him, tears and all in my eyes. As soon as I was close enough I gave him a hug, he flinched but I didn't care.

"It's nice to see you again..." I quickly mumbled and pulled my face out of his shoulder. I smiled for the first time since I woke up in that crumbling house.

"Eren are you ready!?" the woman killed another monster that had shown up after the first and ran towards us.

"Yeh, I think we're ready!" Eren said as he let go of me and looked at her. The woman was really far away, well, at least in screaming distance. I could'nt see the expression on her face but she suddenely started running full speed towards us. I heard a yelp come from Eren and when I looked where he was a minute ago he was gone. I looked up and saw him in one of the hands of another monster.

"Eren!" the lady screamed still running but not close enough to save him, i was stunned and couldn't move. Suddenly the monster lost its grasp on Eren and fell backwards.Eren fell towards me and as soon as i heard him hit the ground, I ran over to him. he looked alright when he opened his eyes. But soon his eyes were filled with terror, that's when I realized a shadow fell over us. As I looked up i saw a man with black hair in a neat hair-cut that fitted his emotionless face.

The man said nothing. He looked directly at Eren then at me. By this time the woman was near us, but she too didn't say anything. The Black haired man turned towards her and finally began to speak," I'll get this girl back to base,I'll need a talk with all three of you."

"Y-Yes sir," Eren said stuttering, wow I've never heard Eren stutter like that. That guy must be scary, is all I could think when suddenely the mann picked me up and slung me over his back. I was a little startled at the movement, then he used the devices on his hips to soar towards the wall. I looked behind us and saw the strange girl with the same device, helping Eren up the wall. When we got up the man dropped me like I was garbage, I mean who does that? I turned to see a shocked and frightened look on Eren's face. As I looked to where his gaze was it landed on another girl that was talking to the scary man.

except this one had a ponytail and glasses that covered her crazed eyes.

She turned to Eren and said,"There you are Eren," quietly she started walking towards him, a hand outstretched.

"Oh crap," Eren tried backing away but the woman was catching up to him," H-Hanji. I..."

The scary man got inbetween them and stated that their was no time. He then told us we're going to be questioned,that reminded me.

I looked towards Eren. a smile was plastered on his face as the black haired woman asked if he was alright.

I want to know.

To know what happened that night.


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