Part 2

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Shipping (Luna/Evan) (Alexis/Celeste/Luna Friendship)

Celeste Pov~

"Whats shipping?" Came lunas soft voice from the other side of the common room, I look up from my batted copy of 'Alice in Wonderland' and over to the blonde. "Why do you wanna know what shipping is?" Alexis, who was sat next to me, asked as she sat up properly. "I heard a few of the first years talking about it, and I was just a bit curious about it is all." I dog-eared the page I was on, closed my book and placed it on the little table in between the couches. "Well, erm... Shipping is a term used when you want two people to go out." Alexis explained. "Like Alexis and Neville." I joke with a soft chuckle. She blushed a bright crimson and crossed her legs, one over the other. "And it can be used in friendships two, like were the Swagger Muffin's" Alexis explained grinning like a loon. Luna looked out of the window and bit her lip "I think I ship myself and Evan" She mumbled. "Oh hun, we all ship you and Evan" I say with a smile.

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