House of Horrors

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Emily p.o.v.

I woke up in a room. Cold. that's all I can remember. Cold. "Where am i?" I ask myself. I look around. no windows no walls. just bare. And a door, I see a door. I stand. "Why does it feel like I'm filled with water?" I ask out loud. I slowly walk towards the door and exit. As soon as I do, I smell the worst thing that I could've ever smelled in my life.Like when you smell roadkill that's been sitting there for a week mixed with manure and rotten eggs, yeah that smell. I walk down the hallway and -wait, shouldn't I be breathing heavy? That's when I hear it. Nothing. I can't hear my heart beating in my chest anymore. "Am I dead?" I say to myself. "Yes." is all I hear before I black out.

Chapter one.

Emily p.o.v.

Ow, my head hurts. I rub my head and slowly open my eyes to find small brown eyes staring back at mine. "Are you okay?"she asks. I blink a few times. "Y-yeah, I think so." I reply back. she smiles and I notice she's not my age. "Hey, how old are you?" I ask. "Six." she replies sadly. "what's wrong? wait a minute, what's your name?" I ask her. She smiles again. "Lacey." she replies. "Oh, I'm Emily." I say. "I know." Lacey replies. I stare at her confused. how does she know my name when I just met her? sensing my confusion she laughs. " I saw Madame carry you in." "who's Madame?" I ask her. Lacey suddenly looks around as if she's being followed. "I can't tell you that yet. you don't have time for that silly." she says and walks away.

chapter two

Emily's p.o.v

I stared after her as she disappeared into the wall. "What does that mean?" I ask myself. I turn and walk away towards the room where I came from. as I walk past the door to the right of me everything freezes. I stare at the door that says "Attic: Do not enter". Me being my rebellious self, I reached for the door but as soon as I did, I got a shock. "Ow!" I scream and pull my hand back and caress it. So much for exploring. Now how do I get out of here. I continue walking. ugh these hallways NEVER end.

Josh's P.o.v.

Driving back to Madame's house, thought about the person's life I just ended. I want to get out of here and leave her and her stupid house. I just want to get this debt over with so I can get on with my life. I slowly pull up to the mansion that is her "house of horrors". "Why does she call it that?" I ask to myself. Inside I hear the wild of the ghosts and demons above and below me. Poor unfortunate souls. tricked into being killed by a heartless woman who feels nothing but joy in torturing others. It feels different from the last time I was here. like it feels sweeter than normal and it never feels this way. some innocent person must've died from Madame herself but who?

Emily's P.o.v.

Continuing my endless walk of torture in these never ending halls, the wild and the cries of that thing whatever it was is scarring me for life. That brings another question to mind. How did I even get here? Am I dead? I ask my self. I pause dead in the middle if my tracks "Am I dead?" I ask, this time aloud. The many whispers of the people around me fill me with more confusion than I've ever known.



"Help me..."

Ughhhhhh. this is so confusing.


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chapter three

Lacey's P.o.v.

The new girl. she seems nice. I don't want her to end up like me. She's technically not even supposed to be here. Not yet at least. How did she even die? I bet Madame did something to her. Poor girl, she has no idea what's in store for her if she doesn't leave. They say, once you end up here...... there's no going back.

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