My brother's bestfriend's (one directions fanfic )

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Does the name harry styles ring a bell well meet me hannah styles his little sister.Back in 2010 harry went off to the x-factor .Then came back as a all time pop-star it was alot to take in.Now im 17 and he is inviting me to visit every other weekend and even asked me to move in and go on tour with him.My family is crazy some days but i guess its the love that counts.Harry has his band and im friends with all of them but niall is my best friend 


Today is july 13th and harry is in new york on his tour and he invited me again to go with him on tour... i agreed the other day and i'm flying to new york today at 3pm and harry and the boys are meeting me at the air port, man do i miss those boyz

I start to pack and thats when my phone goes off  and i answer it ,it is niall

me- hey

N-hey hannah we are just going to an interview before you get here

me- i am just finishing packing then going to the airport 

n- oh, ill let you pack then see you soon my love

he hung up .Then i started to think about the pops that would be at the airport and what more they have to say to me after they said me a niall are the next best couple.I hope thats not the case because he is my best friend even if i had a crush on him he is like a big brother

3 o'clock

i was just boarding the plane and sitting in my seat i was so happy i get to see the boyz i almost paniked but then i fell fast asleep .....

I woke up when we were going to land in 20 mins so i went to the restroom and fixed my hair  and make up and i knew we were going to another interview to i put on a nice tight short red dress went back to my seat so we could land and we did 

As i walked into the airport the pops were everywhere flashing pictures of me but i didn't care i was looking for the guys . Then i saw liam but his back was towards me than i saw niall that saw me and opened his arms and i ran up and jumped into a hug and the pops were snaping so many pictures but i was with my niall so none of that mattered i was with my family


this is my first story so dont judge

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