Chapter 2

I got up to my music blaring from my garage. Oh hell no who touched my stereo let alone WHO THE HELL IS IN MY GARAGE!? I ran out of bed not caring what I looked like and when strait to my garage.

"WHO THE HELL IS TOUCHING MY THINGS!!!!!?!????" I screamed as loud as I could but then I saw it was my brother and Luke and I suddenly became very aware of what I was wearing. I wasn't wearing my hoodie I was in a normal bra and tank top with shorty shorts on. AHHHH! Talk about embarrassing. But embarrassment will have to wait till later I have a bother to chew out.

I walked over to wear my brother was but in my way I picked up a wrench. "WHAT IN THE FREAKING WORLD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? IF I FIND THAT ANYONE OF MY CARS HAS BEEN TOUCHED YOU WILL DIE! Now you and your friend are going to stand there while check every single part of every single bike and car!" I yell while shaking my wrench at him.

"Now Abs no need to over react."

"Over react!? These cars are my babies I love then more then you!" I walked over to the first car it was a firebird and pretty much my prize possession. My dad and I started it when I was about 7 and I just finished it last year. I checked every little nook and cranny and once I established everything was okay I went on to the others. I wasn't as asinine about the others. But that firebird meant a lot to me.

"Okay boys you’re free of my anger but don't touch my stuff without me present ever again got it?" I said while pointing my wrench a tech one of them.

"Yes." They both mumbled. I just smiled. I walked over to my music and switched on my Sirius XM and put it on Classic Rewind.

"Okay now witch one of you wants to help me put in my new turbo kit?"

"I will!" Both of them said. Boys will be boys I guess.


We had just finished putting the turbo in when my phone started playing rebel love song by black veil brides.


"Yes is this a miss Abby Libil?"

"This is her, what can I help you with?"

"Yes this is Miss Santiago I am new with the cyber division I was told that if I needed help you would be the person to go to."

"You were told right now what am I looking for?" I saw that the boys were staring at me and I motioned for my brother to get my laptop for me. Good thing it was only in the next room.

"We had a girl I missing yesterday. She is 16 blonde hair green eyes an only about 5'2"."

"Okay give me her name and last known location. Then I'll have all I can in about 30 min to an hour."

"Her name is Rachel Martin and her last location was at West Point Mall."

"Okay I'll get all the info I can I will call you back on this number." I hung up not waiting for a reply.

"Tony chop chop I got 30 min!!!" I quickly grabbed my laptop when he entered and sat right on the floor not caring about anything else.

"What's up Abs I've never seen you this active on a call." Ton asks looking over my shoulder.

"I go a 16 year old girl in trouble. She was taken yesterday which only gives me about 10 hours before he is either dead or never heard from again. Now go get me a soda and a monster please.” I logged on and opened up a program I specifically designed to track phones.

It was about 20min later and I already had it narrowed down to a 20 mile area. That would still take too long to canvas. Come on try harder. I took a sip of my monster and started typing again.

I had narrowed down the field by checking all cameras in the area and now had it down to a 2 block area of where she could be.  Alright time to call.

It rang only twice before someone picked up. “This is what I have…”

I was watching the news later that night.

“Today we have found the young girl that was taken yesterday at West Point Mall and she is safe with no physical injuries.

I smiled and turned off the TV. I am so happy that girl gets to be with her parents again. In truth I envy her. Her parents searched for her not like mine. A husky voice cut off my train of thought.

“I never pegged you for someone who was good with tech stuff.” I turned around to see Luke staring at me but what caught me off guard was the fact he was dripping from a shower and he was shirtless.

“Yeah not many people know too much about me. I am pretty quiet and tend to keep to myself.” I don’t know what it was about him but I felt like he needed to know me and surprisingly I wanted him to.  

“Well I have to leave here soon I am needed back at home family stuff and what not but maybe we could go out sometime?” Is that a blush I see on his cheeks?

“Umm yeah sure, where is your phone I’ll put my number in it.

“Here.” Oh my god he is blushing it’s so cute. I am probably redder then a cherry right now. He handed me his phone and I handed him mine without thinking about it.

“Nice background.” He said while snickering. CRAP I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! I have a cute little wolf pup as my background.

“Hey now be nice so I got a thing for wolves your point?”

“Nothing I think its cute.” Cute? He doesn’t think it makes me stupid.

“Uhh thanks. So I guess I’ll text you later then?”

“Yeah talk to you later I guess.” With that he left and I melted on the floor. What is it about that boy that makes me so mushy inside and why am I not shy around him?

SO I hope you guys liked this chapter I had fun writing also on another topic what are your opinions on: Baby Metal???

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