My Humble Abode

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I have a pretty complicated living situation, but I'll try as best as humanly possible to describe it to you. Please note this is quite lengthy. Here goes:

I live in a treehouse. Yes, a treehouse. It settles on a 16 foot high branch of a sturdy oak tree. It's not your average treehouse from childhood days. It's pretty "tricked out" as the cool kids would say. There's complete air conditioning, Plumbing, (yes, there's a bathroom in the treehouse, which connects to the local sewer system through piping systems), completely sound-proof walls for jamout sessions, and yes, wifi.

It is pretty much equivalent to a one bedroom flat/apartment.

It's all funded for by my amazing graphic editing skills. Making logos for people (and charging $50 for users license, haha, those suckers), selling custom made t-shirts, animating intros for various companies. I mean, it costs alot of money for the necessary supplies to build a treehouse, nonetheless one that can accomodate a bathroom.

Why does Anise live in a tree house, you ask? Well, I have quite the disfunctional family. I couldn't stand living in that goshdarned house. So I "moved" about 200 feet away.

I don't have to worry about anyone barging in on me while up in The Nest (what we'll be calling the treehouse from now on, I mean, it just sounds more adventurous), considering none of my family members would dare to climb the rope ladder.

The Nest came to be last summer. I had comtemplated running away, but why not just build a treehouse instead? I'd had countless doodles from the age of 5 of a log cabin sitting up in that old oak tree in the backyard. After much, much researching, budgeting, and measuring, a trip to the home depot ensued.

$3000 worth of t-shirt money, an entire summer's worth of work, and many, many complaints about noise from our nosy neighbors later, I had my dream home. I'm sure you've figured out by now that I'm a really weird kid. I mean, for sakes, I live in a log cabin 16 feet off the round!

*flash forward to this summer*

So here I am, painting The Nest rainbow colored to show my support for the gays, when all of a sudden I see a fiery red wave of what can only be described as ginger hair. Then, from underneath the tangent of red, A face made it's way through to my eyes. Then a shirtless body. HOLY SHIT! I dropped the paintbrush. I couldn't breathe anymore.

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