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Ariana's POV

Jack told me he liked me. I didn't. But I did think he was gorgeous. His personality sucked balls. He held my hands. He was leaning in, I tried to avoid it but then someone called my name. "Ariana!" I turned and spotted Matthew. I left Jack and ran into Matthew's arms. I missed him. "Um what are you doing here with Jack?" He asked. "My parents invited him to eat breakfast cause he brought me home. His car broke down so he had to stay." I totally lied. Im such a lier. "And why was he holding your hands and about to kiss you?" He asked. I got nervous. "I dont wanna lie so here it goes. Right now he told me he liked me. He was leaning in but I was backing up because I didn't want you to get mad." He smiled and gave me a peck on the lips. I had fallen hard for him. He grabbed my hand and we walked over to Jack. "Heey bro" Matthew said. Jack felt like leaving. I could tell by his motions. "Heey man" He said. "Well I gotta go. Thanks for breakfast Ariana." Jack said in a hurry. "Oh and Ariana?" He said looking back. "Yeah?" "That bubble bath was fun. We should do it again" He said winking. Me and Matthew said bye and he took me home. He was confused about the bubble bath. "So what about that bubble bath?" He said kinda mad. "I'll explain later" I said. He was still holding my hand. "So what happened yesterday?" Matthew asked. I was scared of what he thought. "What do you mean what happened yesterday?" I said. "Your mom told me you fell asleep at Julia's and Jack took you home." Frick. Think. Think. Lie. Thanks Jack for teaching me how to lie. "Well yeah. I got tired and fell asleep." I said. "Nothing else happened?" He said. "What do you think happened? I slept with him?" I said kinda mad. "No. No. Im just curious. I dont wanna loose you" Aww he was such a sweet heart! "Me either" I said. We arrived at my house and I opened the door. "Im home!" I yelled. I grabbed Matthew's hand and went into my room. I ran into my room and plopped onto my bed leaving Matthew behind. "Well arent you tired" he said laughing. "Very" I mumbled into the pillow. He laid besides me. We faced each other. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his. He was adorable. He leaned in. I waited till almost got to my lips. I put my hand infront of his face and screamed "SKUUUUUUURT!" I laughed and he got mad. He got on top of me and started tickling me. I started laughing, screaming and kicking. My mom came running and said "WHATS GOING ON?.....Oh. You guys are just playing. I thought mmmh...never mind. Continue." She laughed and smiled. We both looked at eachother and then bursted into laughter. "Wanna watch a movie?" I asked getting up out of breath. "Sure" He said laughing. I looked through the pile of movies I had. I found the scariest movie I had , V/H/S. "Wanna watch this?" I said. "OH FUCK YEAH!" He said getting up from the bed really fast.

We went downstairs to make some popcorn. I opened the cabinet and there wasnt any more. "Were out of popcorn, wanna go get some?" I said. "Sure, lets go." he grabbed my hand and lead me to the door. "MOM! Im going to the store really quick i'll be back!" "Okay hunny!" she screamed from upstairs. Target wasnt far from the house so we walked. As we were walking someone yelled "Matthew!?" We turned around and it was a tall girl. She was pretty. "Amber?!" He said with a smile. They both ran for a hug. I continued walking. I dont have time for bullshit. I was already really far from them. I look back to see if he was coming but he stayed. I accidentally bumped into somebody. I turn and see Jack. "Oh shit, you okay?" He said. "Yeah im fine." For some reason I wanted to cry. I couldnt help it. He saw that my eyes got teary. "No seriously whats wrong?" He said giving me a side hug. "Lets go to target" "For sure man" He said smiling. I giggled.

Matthew's POV

I was walking with Ariana when I heard my name. "Matthew!?" I turned around and saw Amber. She was my ex. I missed her alot. "Amber? oh my god how you been?" We started talking. "Wait. Did you see where the girl I was with?" I said "Yeah she left with some really sexy guy" I wondered who this sexy guy was. I got angry. "Well it was nice talking to you" "Same here Matt" She said smiling. I hugged her and as soon as we let go we leaned in for a kiss. "No I cant" "Why?" She said. "I have a girlfriend.." "She wont find out." She forcibly grabbed my face and kissed me. It didnt feel the same anymore. I continued kissing even tho I knew it was wrong. "MATTHEW!" I turned around and saw Julia.

A/N: Sorry its not good but its an update 😊

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