Part 4

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Fornell then made all the calls to work and reported the kidnapping. Fornell still had one more phone call to make. He really didnt want to make this call. After all him and Gibbs were close. Better coming from a friend than a complete stranger. Diane came over and put her hand on her on his back and it reminded him on what Gibbs had done to get Emily back for them, the least he could do is try to get Amanda back for him. Fornell then hit the speed dial button for Gibbs. "Hey, Fornell. What's up?" Asked Gibbs. "Gibbs we need you back in D.C. ASAP." Fornell stated in a worried and concerned voice. "Okay, what do you need? What's happened, Fornell?" Asked Gibbs. "There's no easy way to say this so I'm just going to say it." Fornell paused for a couple seconds," Gibbs, you have a daughter." Stated Fornell "What a daughter? Is this some type of joke Fornell?" Said Gibbs as his dad was looking at him with a face that read 'what's going on?'. Fornell then explained everything to Gibbs about Amanda and what has happened. Gibbs hung up on Fornell, hopped in his car and drove to NCIS as fast as he could. Fornell had told Gibbs to meet him at NCIS.

Gibbs was then thinking about Jen and why didn't she tell him about Amanda. Did Jen know she was pregnant when she left? "Oh, Jen why didn't you tell me?'" Gibbs thought as he pulled up at NCIS, parked the car, ran into NCIS, then to the bullpen and straight to the team. "What do we got?" He demanded to know. "The dark blue van that took her was found 10 miles from Fornell's house it was empty and-." McGee stopped short. "'And' what McGee?" Said Gibbs wanting an answer. "We found some blood and Abby is running it now. We don't know who's it is yet." Stated McGee. "But we will know soon boss." Said Tony helping out McGee which was something he usually didn't do. Gibbs started to walk to the elevator and Fornell followed him all the way to Abby's lab. "Hey Abbs? What do you got?" Asked Gibbs. Abby ran to him and hugged him with one of those big tight Abby hugs "Are you okay? I know how you felt about Jenny and now you two have a daughter and she has been kidnapped!" Said Abby. "Abbs, I'm fine. I'll be better when we get her back. Now fill me in on the blood." Ordered Gibbs. "Okay, so the blood we found in the back of the van had two close matches in the data base and that was you and Jen, Sorry Gibbs. Its Amanda's blood." Said Abby. "Fornell did she have a cell phone?" Asked Gibbs. "Yes I believe she did. Why? We don't have a number though" Fornell said. "We can use the white pages(a book with only people's addresses and phone numbers, no businesses. It's what we have where I life) and then Abby can do her doohickey stuff she does with the computer." Said Gibbs. "Gibbs, that wouldn't be in the white pages. Wait! Gibbs, Your a genius."Abby said typing away. "He is?" Asked Fornell. "Yes, we can look her up on and get the number and trace it. That is if the phone is on. We can trace it but if the battery has been taken out this will all be for nothing." Said Abby typing in her name on "Anything yet Abbs?" Gibbs asked trying to being patent. "Give me a minute. I have to find the right 'Amanda Nicole Shepard Gibbs' shockingly there is more than one." Stated Abby scrolling through the list," I found her." Abby then copied the number and started to trace it. "Abbs?" Asked Gibbs. "Gibbs unlike you I can't perform magical stuff." Abby put out there. Within two minutes Abby had traced the phone to an foreclosed warehouse off of route 13. Gibbs and Fornell rushed to the bullpen to get Gibbs' team. ------------- done. I need feel back, please. So I know to write more or not.-------

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