Christina pulls away, but keeps her nose touching Bria's. Bria's icy eyes make contact with Christina's chocolate eyes, and they both began to smile."Christina Victoria Grimmie, I love you." "Brianna Nicole Kelly, I love you too." They nuzzled noses, interlocking their fingers together. Bria pulls them both into the water, making Christina laugh. "You little prankster!" "That's the perk of me being your girlfriend, Grimmie!" "Damn it, Bria!" Christina can't help but laugh. 

Tess, being calmer than ever, heads out to the pool, with Audra. "Hi ladies!" "Hey hey! Grimmie and Bria!" They look up, and smile. "Get in, the water's warm!" Audra stares at the water, and then at Tess. "We're good!" Bria pulls on Audra and Tess' arms, pulling them in. "Brianna Nicole Kelly!" Tess yells, laughing. Audra simply looks shocked at first, but then doesn't really care that she got dragged into the water.

"Christina! Hey, Adam's looking for you!" Jake walks up to them. "Is he? Tell him to come here!" "I think he's on his wa-!" Audra pulls him in. "Hey!" He kisses Audra, and then splashes water on her face. Adam walks up a while later, and then stares at the group in the pool. "Who started what?" "Bria pulled me in, then her and I pulled Tess and Audra in, then Audra pulled Jake in." "Huh. Let me join you!" Adam jumps in, the splash hitting everyone.

They all hung around in the pool for a while. Tess kept her eyes on Christina and Bria. They were close to each other. "Hey, can we tell you guys something?" Bria looks at everyone, and they all nod. "Christina and I are dating." Adam smiles, as do Audra, Tess, and Jake. "Congrats!" Tess smiles brightly. "My two sisters are the cutest things ever!" "Awww, how sweet!" Audra and Jake say in unison.

"You two are sisters in love," Tess smiles. Christina softly kisses Bria.

"But we're the best couple to live too."

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