Part 3

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Amanda stayed outside and continued to read on the porch until fornell got home because by that time dinner was done and Diane told her she had to eat and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. They sat down and was eating for about 10 minutes in silent before Fornell asked the question, "So, Amanda, what makes you think your dad is in D.C? Or that he is alive?" Asked fornell acting like he knows nothing about her. "My mom met my dad at work and she worked at ncis. So, if he is still at ncis then he would have to live in the D.C area. He has to be alive because I am not going back to that God forsaken family and house." Answered Amanda as her eyes started to water but she stopped them and quickly wiped them," and I know you already knew about that. So lets just cut to the chase. What aren't you guys telling me?" Diane and Fornell looked at each other not really sure if they should tell Amanda yet. Amanda stood up. "Wait! Sit! We'll tell you." Said Emily then Amanda sat back down. Emily looked at Fornell in a 'go on tell her' look. Fornell sighed then said, "We think was know who your father is." "Who?" , Amanda asked. Fornell looked at her and answered ,"A Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I've worked with him I'm joint cases with Ncis. He's a good Man. Your mother's name was 'Jennifer Shephard' wasn't it?" "Yeah it was...?", I answered and then thought, 'Leroy Jethro Gibbs, I have the same last name. He's initials would be L.J.G just like the initials mom gave me.' "Gibbs had a thing with Jenny, your mother, back in Paris about 14 years ago. Your mother left him to continue her dream of being the first female director. I assume she didn't know she was pregnant with you when she left him or she wouldn't have left him. I knew Jenny and if she would have known she was pregnant with you she wouldn't have left him. You have Jenny's hair but those blue Gibbs eyes and Gibbs keen sense to know when someone or some people are lying and/or keeping stuff from you." Stated Fornell. "I want to this meet this Gibbs. If theres just the smallest chance he's my father I want to know him." I stated. "He's not in town at the moment. He's visiting his dad in.... Stillwater." Fornell told. "Okay, Then when he gets back I want to meet him. No, I'm going to meet him when he gets back." She demanded. "Okay," answered Fornell seeing the Gibbs and Jen in her. "When will he get back?" Asked Amanda. "In two days." Answered Fornell. "Well, I'm going for a walk. Ill be back. All my stuff is here," Stated Amanda as she stood up and got her pocket knife and her cell phone then walked to the door," oh yes. And don't follow me." she said as she left. "Well, that didnt go as plained." Said Fornell as he sighed. "We had a plain?" Asked Emily. "Well, to be honest. No, we didn't but I thought It would go Better than it did." He explained. "You should tell Gibbs, honey." Stated Diane."I want to tell him to his face. How would you feel if you got a phone call from someone you knew and they said you had a daughter with your dead lover?"asked Fornell. "Okay, I get it. Emily be a good girl and clean off the table for us." Diane ordered. "Okay, mom." Said Emily starting to clean off the table.

It's now been hours since Amanda went on her walk and hasn't returned. It's was worrying the Fornells then not to long later they heard a scream and ran outside they saw a dark blue workers van pull away at full speed leaving tire marks and Fornell was shooting at the dark blue van but only broke the back windows and got the license plate number that he quickly memorized. He knew he would have to call Gibbs now and tell him he has a daughter that was just kidnapped. ------------- done. I need feel back, please. So I know to write more or not.-------

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