Chapter 7

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He pulled me into the house chuckling as I wiped my now wet face..

"Your so beautiful" he whispered stroking my cheeks kissing me..

He looked down seeing the cuts on my arm gasping as I pulled away..

"A-anna.." he whispered tearing up pulling me into a huge hug.

Oh my god...

I made him cry.

"Harry...dont cry...please" I said tearing up slightly as he dugged his face into my neck

"I'm fine..." he whispered sniffling pulling away looking at my wrist again

"There's so many..." he muttered tracing his thumb over them..

"Please never do this again....promise me." he said looking me in the eyes..

"I promise" I said as he smiled gently kissing my wrist as he Pulled me into a warm embrace..

"Come on" he said walking me to his room handing me a pair of basketball shorts and a baggy tshirt

"Thanks turn around" I said blushing as he smirked grabbing hold of my waist ..

"Babe I'm gonna see it sometime" he said laying back on the bed his hands at the side of his head..

"Fine" I said chuckling as I pulled off my clothes slowly teasing him as I slipped it off my wet body..

I looked over him crossing his legs biting his lip as I was only left in my black lace underwear I heard him swallow getting off the bed walking towards me confident..

"Why am I so lucky" he whispered grabbing my hips kissing me as i smiled grabbing hold of the back of his neck..

He lifted me up carrying me to the bed gently laying me down as he got on top of me kissing me roughly as I moaned taking hold of his soft curls...

"Stop" he whispered breathlessly as he got off me laying next to me panting.

"What's wrong?" I asked confused

"If we get into anything I won't be able to stop...and I just don't want to hurt you" he muttered kissing me gently pulling the covers over both of us as we just laid there staring into eachothers eyes..

"Harry...why did your mum kick you out" I suddenly asked out of the blue making him tense..

"I got kicked out of school, and kept getting in trouble a lot and she just couldn't handle me....nobody could so one night I just packed my shit and ran away...ive not seen her in a year" he said sighing as he put on a fake chuckle at the end..

"You should really phone her.....and like try and meet up" I said smiling slightly as he closed his eyes nodding no

"She won't want to see me I'm a disappointment" he said frustratedly

"Listen, your not a disappointment, okay, and you should spend as much time with your mom as possible cause you don't know how long she has kill to have my mom back...and I regret the fact that I never spent every day with her" I whispered sighing as I turned facing the ceiling..

"Your right..ill phone her tomorrow morning before school" he said kissing me gently before cuddling into my side

"OH SHIT SCHOOL" I yelled sitting up in panic

"I didn't bring clothes I only have my dress" I said sighing falling back down to the bed.

"Let's just have a lazy day babeee" he groaned out hugging into my side as I chuckled

"Okay, but tomorrow you need to take me home so I could can clothes for school the next day" I said smiling at him as he smirked biting his lip..

"And anna.. when I meet back up with my mom your coming with me" he said kissing me gently smiling in the kiss as I chuckled.

"Id love too" I said smiling as we cuddled into eachother soon falling asleep in eachothers arms..

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