You could get used to this.

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"You're going.: Your brother Gerard said. You groaned. You didn't wanna go watch him and his band practice. You have better things to do! You haven't even met his band. You don't know what they're like! They could be rapists! Well not really. But they could be rude. "Do i have to go?"  You ask your older briother, Mikey. "Yes." He says firmly. "Mom said we have to take you while she's gone." he continued. A louder groan escaped your lips. You really didn't wanna go. You were supposed to meet up with you're best friend! "C'mon." Gerard says, grabbing your hand and walking you to the car, You jerk your hand away. "I'm not a baby, you don't have to hold my hand." You say "Yes, but you're my baby sister." he winks and you groan even more and enter the car.

Gerard pulls out of the driveway and starts driving to his friends hous. What was his name again? Ray? Oh whatever. You just want this to be over. After a good 15 minutes you decide to speak. "Are we there yet?" You say, like a child would. "Almost, like 5 more minutes." Gerard says as his eyes keep in lock with the roas. You just look out the window hoping that this day could go faster. As doon as 5 minutes past, Gerard parked in a driveway. Gerard, being the gentleman he is, opens the door for you. "Thank you." you mumble. "No prob, little sis." he says as you guys all walk in. Then he catches your eye. The boy with the amazing fro. His head is stuck in the stairs and you giggle.

"Uh...Ray?" Mikey laughs. "Don't laugh. It was an accident." He says, his face very red. You giggle some more, realizing how cute he is. He looks straight at you and your giggling dies down. He gives you a little wink. You just have to giggle more cause..well...his head is stuck in the stairs and he's winking at you. "Can you guys help me out?" Ray asks. Gerard and Mikey both nod and run to him. "Okay, ready?" Mikey asks. "Yes!" Ray shouts. Mikey starts to pull Ray's head out as Gerard helps.

After probably seven minuetes they get his head out. He walks down the stairs and looks at you. But the turns to Gerard and Mikey. "Guys, go to the basement and get ready." Your brothers nod and go to the basement. "Hi." he smiles. "H-hey" you stutter. "I want a proper hello" He says and smiles his beautiful smile more. You cock your head to the side, a bit confuesed. But that ends when Ray presses his lips to yours. You're not complaining though. You thought he was cute ever since you walked in that door. You guys continue to kiss until Mikey comes out, you two pull apart quickly. "C'mon Ray! We Frank and Bob is here! We gotta practice!" Ray nods, his fro bouncing in the process. Once Mikey leaves, Ray kisses you quickly and walks to the basement. You can't help but blush and think 'I could get used to this'.

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