Chapter 1

I was walking home from the movies there was some epic action movie that was showing and I went by myself. It was way to dark for me to be out here alone but my phone died so I couldn't call my bro for a ride. Oh well it was only a 9 or 10 min walk. Thank god I was wearing my combat boots.

That was me though I was the girl that wore hoodies that were 3 times to big with skinny jeans and my hair always in a messy bun or down strait. I had my glasses to. They weren't big nerdy ones just little slim rectangle frames. I'm not short but I'm not that sure if I'm tall I'm only about 5'7". I'm pretty sure the only people who even know I have boobs would be my parents and bro cuz my hoodies and I'm always wearing a sports bra.

While walking home it started to rain...... JUST FREAKIN GREAT!! This I just what I needed I already had to deal with a couple in front I me making out during the movie reminding me I'm forever alone. Now I'm sinking wet and it's col out here. I think it's around 10pm but like said my phone I dead. I kept walking but then I finally saw my house thank freakin god! I walked up but there was some strange car in the drive don't get me wrong here I think that it was sexy. I mean who wouldn't think that a 1969 Chevrolet yenko camaro?! I walked in my house and what I saw surprised me my bro had a friend over and it wasn't a chick!

"Abby are you okay?!" My brother Anthony asked.

"Yeah my phone died so I couldn't have you pick me up sorry but hey who is over?"

"Oh my friend Luke Phoenix from collage is here. HEY LUKE COM DOWN HERE AND MEET MY SISTER!" I forgot to mention I live with my brother since my parents are always gone.

Yeah my brother is a junior in college and so are all of his friends while little ol' me decided to skip a couple grades here and there and now I mess wig computers all day. I don't have a legit job. I mainly help people find things online. I also help the police cyber division occasionally. I don't like the word hack makes me feel like a criminal.

What I wasn't expecting was a drop dead gorgeous hunk to step down from upstairs. He had pale blue eyes an light brown hair that was just long enough to spike on top. He was built to not like BAM I'm a body builder but he was athletic. And I probably look like a freaking train wreck right now.

"Tony can I have a word with you in the kitchen?" I was irritated to say the least because I look gross and that guy probably thinks the same.

"What's up Abs?"

"Why didn't you tell me that we were going to have company?"

"Because you are always so withdrawn from the world especially since your surgery." That struck an open wound. I had to have open heart surgery about 2 months ago and I was so scared I would do something to open my wound or my body would reject the heart that I really withdrew from society.

"Tony don't bring it up!!! I know that you know why I did that okay!! Plus I'm not accepted anywhere especially around your quote unquote friends!!!" I had tears rolling down my face because he knew I was right and I hate it. I didn't fit in anywhere.

"Abs..." He started to reach towards me.

"NO!!! You don't understand you are a popular guy am just a little loner if I were to die you would be the only one to miss me because no one else cares!" I was bailing now and I couldn't take it anymore. "I'm going to my room okay so don't bother me until morning and I don't have any work for the rest of the week so my time will be spent in the garage but until I come out of my room I don't want to see let alone talk to you!" I ran out of the kitchen and down to the basement. The entire basement was my room I had all of my technology down there.

I went to my bathroom and hopped in the shower. The warm water felt so amazing compared to how cold it was in my wet cloths. When I got out of my shower I stared at myself in my mirror.

I had waist length black hair that was always so straight and plain. I as a baby face with my violet eyes and small features. I wasn't fat but I was curvy you just could never tell with the cloths that I wear.

I went to bed that day totally exhausted.

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