Chapter 13~

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It was a guy's voice! It was justin ! I smiled

Mom: look who joined us for lunch

Justin: yh I was coming to pick u both up to take u to lunch but ur mother told me u cooked lunch and that's much better *wink*

Mom: aww *giggles* *sniffed* it smells good in here

Me: well WELCOME to the famous YNcouisin of ONLY spaguetti

We all laughed! As we sat down!

Justin: mm my favorite

I smiled and nodded

Me: I knoww *laughs*

We ate lunch, laughed and I just figured that my mom really liked Justin ! That's a good thing right ? Well its 2:30 pm I had 1 hour and half more for my auditions !

Justin: thank u for lunch, it was nice *smile*

Mom: don't thank me , YN did all the work

I laughed as justin held my waist and kissed my cheek! I smiled WIDE ! U might think I'm an idiot hehe but what the heck I'm IN LOVE !!

*30 more minutes*

I had 1 more hour so I decided to get dressed!

Me: I'm gonna come back in 10 I just have to get dress ! My mom and justin both nodded getting back to their conversation, what ever their convo is !

I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a belly top , I wore the pair of supras justin gave me and wore the necklace I smiled as I made my hair into a cute bun and applied a little bit of eyeliner ! Then went downstairs to find my mom and justin laughing! Weird....

I sat next to justin and he noticed the supras and necklace and smiled at me as he intertwined my hand in his as I smiled back

*30 minutes later*

We had 30 more minutes for my auditions

Me: bye mom we gotta go

I said standing from the couch grabbing justin's arm and headed to the door ! He just followed clueless ! I laughed as I closed the door behind me !

Justin: that was rude ! *joking*

Me: nahh

I said shaking my head , we entered the car and headed to the building ! We turned on the radio and blasted to boyfriend and as long as u love me !

After few minute of party-in-the-car we arrived and entered , I was hella nervous ! I was about to desecrate in my pants ! My hands were really shakyy

Justin grabbed hold of my hand as I started to calm down ! But still we sat in the waiting room and my feet were soo weakk they were shaking ! Justin put his hand on my legs ! I think its a sign of assurance of saying 'everything's gonna be alright' then he sang in my ear

'Everything gonna be alright ight be alright '

I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder


' YN ur next'

A voice called out through the speakers ! I sighed , justin gave me a 'good luck' kiss ! He squeezed my hand as I stood up and entered the audition room !

' Show us what you've got'


I ran out of the audition's room! Screaming and jumping around like a little kid ! I jumped into justin's arms and he got the idea that I got the part so he spinned me around like I was a princess ! I giggled as he set me down!

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