"My mom is going to pick us up. My dad has to work.", stated Emily. "Okay. I'm fine with that.", 30 minutes later we got our coats on and our stuff and went to the pick up area. "Emily!!", said Diane as she waved her face from across the road. "Hey,mom!", said Emily as they crossed the road and they hugged. "You must be Amanda.", stated Diane as she took the girls stuff and put them in the truck of her car. "Yes I am." Amanda confirmed. Amanda could tell Diane knew something that Amanda didnt know but Emily did. They were keeping it from her. Amanda wanted to turn away and not go with them now. Not knowing what they weren't telling her but the gut still said to go with them and she knew to trust her gut, it hasnt steered her wrong yet and she will listen to her gut it in till that day. They got in the car Amanda sat in the back seat staying quiet and looking out the window. While Diane and Emily were in the front two seats talking about how aunt Helen is and what Emily did there and all over thanksgiving break. Diane gave a sign to Emily to say something to Amanda. "So Amanda?" Asked Emily who stopped for a second then continued" What would you like for dinner?" Asked Emily not really knowing what to say. "I don't care. I can eat anything your mom makes."stated Amanda. "Well Amanda, what brings you to Washington D.C.?" Diane asked. "I'm sure Emily's dad told you on the phone. I'm not stupid. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this gut of mine. Rule number 1: Always listen to the gut." Amanda said looking out the window not turning her head one bit. "Yes of course. Let me apologize. I'm-", said Diane before Amanda cut her off by saying,"rule 16: Never apologize. Unless covered by rule 20." "What's rule 20?" Emily asked. "There is always an exception under a good circumstance." Amanda stated. "Oh. Okay." Said Emily. The rest of the car ride was silent, Diane and Emily were both thinking on how she's like Gibbs. Amanda was still trying to figure out what they know and why weren't they telling her. They didnt seem shocked or anything that I have rules like people usually are, but why?, Amanda thought as they pulled into the Fornell's drive way.

Amanda got her bag from the trunk and handled Emily her's and they went in. "Amanda, you will stay in the spare room. Emily please show her where that is." Diane told us then she went in the kitchen to make dinner. "Well come on." Emily said as she walked to the stairs then walked up them with Amanda falling. They walked down the hall way to the end where the spare room was. Emily opened the door. "Thanks you."Amanda said and walked in then as Emily was Turning away to leave Amanda asked,"Your dad at work?." "Yeah." Answered Emily. "Okay. You guys have coffee right?" Asked Amanda. Emily smiled then replied,"Yes we do. My dad couldn't live without it." "Okay." Amanda said with a smirk. "I'm going to put my stuff away then ill be down stairs." Stated Emily when she walked away. Amanda unpacked a couple things like her cell phone, reading glasses,her Deep Six book,the knife from her Pocket and her favorite picture of her and Jen. She put the knife and the picture of her and Jen on her nightstand but she took the book, reading glasses and cell phone with her down stairs and sat in a chair in the living room by the couch. She put her reading glasses on, opened the book from where she left off. After about 5 minutes of reading Amanda's phone mooed like a cow because that's her text tone and Emily looked up at her quickly who was siting on the couch at the time reading her Murder She Wrote book but Amanda just looked at her for a second then just put the phone on silent and didnt even reply or look at the text."Aren't you going to get that?" Asked Emily. "I know who it is and what they want. There's no reason to reply." Amanda answered. "Oh well, you sure they don't care about you?" Emily asked. "Yes I am sure,"Amanda stood up then continued,"I am 100% sure. Ill be on the porch if you need me." Stated Amanda putting up guards. ------------- done.

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