Update schedule

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  So i was thinking to post an update schedule as i'm really unorganized and could accidentally not post anything for months. This is going to include my schedule for my other book as well (Haikyuu lemons). You're welcome to check it out if you like that sort of stuff, i take request there as well.  

Either way, here's the schedule:

Kageyama's sister - Tuesday and/or Friday

Haikyuu lemons - Wednesday and/or Sunday

That will be the general schedule for my updates from now on. I may sometimes post a day late or a day earlier because of a change in my personal schedule, but i'll try to stick to this. I'll either post one chapter per week on one of those days, or i'll sometimes post two chapters per week.

Also i'd like to thank you guys for all the reads, votes and comments. It really means a lot.

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