Chapter 4

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The couple just arrived at there holiday resort jus as the sun was setting. "Aw trey the view is amazing ... Omg I haven't seen the sun so beautiful" Laila said amazed as she opened their balcony door.

Trey walked up behind her , snaked his arms around her "it's as beautiful as you " he said as the watched their view. Laila smiled at his remark, and sighed a sigh of relief.

The couple then walked back inside there room and began to unpack. "So what's the plan for tonight then hey trey " Laila said as he hung her dresses on the rack.

Trey was in the bathroom at the time and he didn't hear her, so Laila took it upon herself to walk into the bathroom without knocking as entered the bathroom trey was jus coming out the shower wrapping his towel around his waist when he looked up to see a rather shocked Laila.

"I'm so so sorry , didn't know you was in the shower " she said as she walked out the shower. Not too far behind was trey treading on her heels "it's alright am I should have let you know , no biggie " he said putting her at ease.

Laila jus smiled at the way trey was making her feel so comfortable. " so what was you saying " trey asked her as he talked around in nothing but his brief. All Laila could do was focus on his perfectly chiseled v line ooo his brown chocolate body was perfectly carved she thought to herself

"Babe ... Ma .. Babe.. Laila " trey called trying to get her attention but all Laila did was continue to day dream. Trey was puzzled but extremely happy that he's finally seen the sparks from Laila he was beginning to think she wasn't as interested in him. He walked closer to her took her head in his hands and kissed her.

"Hmmm you taste nice " Laila said with a cheeky smile. " I love the way you was looking at me just now , do you like what you seen " he asked as he pecked her lips over and over again. Which only allowed her to nod an answer.

"So I've booked us a table at one of the nicest restaurants in the town so go get ready let's go" he said without failing to kiss her.

They got to the restaurant looking like the happiest but sexiest couple in town. They had a glow about them and it looked like nothing could come between their happiness.

"All jokes aside , trey I am so happy to be here with you. This is one of the most beautiful place I could ever imagine being and I'm happy I'm here with you ... So thank you " she said with a smile

"No problem Laila, your beautiful , amazing and different. I've only known you for a couple months but you've changed me in good ways even though u may not see it or know it. And I would love for you to stop calling me trey unless your mad or upset or surprise with me .. I want you to call me babe , baby , boo whatever because I want you to be my girl my main my mrs" he said this whole emotional speech and Laila was sitting there shedding tears , trey used his thumb and wiped her tears " don't cry you don't have to say yes now I jus wanted you to know how I felt " he said to try calm her down

She chuckled abit , which made trey give her a puzzling look " I don't wanna wait to I've you an answer ... I would love to be your girlfriend" she kissed him as she placed herself on his lap.

The couple eat and went back to their room to enjoy the rest of their night 😉😉😘

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