letters to bvbrebels

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Kim your account is AMAZING!!! I look up to you so much! And I love BVB ❤️ so much I'm so glad I found your account I love when you get exited about things like the Andy black album coming out! That was so cute! Ahh sorry if that was weird any way thanks for being so amazing! I love you and your account :)

        Love /                                               dark_soul_blue_eyes


Hello kim. I really like your accout. It's really great (: thanks for all the moments i had to smile, scrolling through your side. Keep on going ^.^ in love cinderella (: - cinderella_project


Kim I love your account. It makes my day to come home from a bad day and see your posts. They always put a smile on my face. Don't change anything about, it's absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your dedication! - @siesie_sox

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