Chapter 13

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"Shh...... It's okay....," Connor said trying to comfort me in any way possible.

"Connor..." I started to say in between sobs. He looked at me with comforting eyes.

"I-I had a d-dream that I was d-driving that night and you g-got hit instead of m-me. Y-you died and if you h-had been in my p-place that night, I-I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." I sobbed quietly into his chest.

"I don't want to imagine a life without you," I said looking up into his sparkling green eyes.

He leaned in, and before I realized it, I did too. Right before our lips connected, he whispered, "I couldn't imagine a life without you." He closed his eyes and I did too. I soon felt a pair of soft, warm lips on mine. Our lips moved in sync, until I pulled away.

I rested my head on his shoulder, and soon feel asleep with Connor laying right beside me.


I woke up and rolled over onto my side only to bump into someone, causing them to fall onto the ground.

"Ughhh..." the person said while getting up and rubbing his head. Connor.

"Oh, um, good morning?" I said trying my best no to laugh.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, what do you want to eat?" Connor said, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Nothing, you don't have to worry about me," I replied rolling onto my back because my side started to hurt.

Connor left the room, I shrugged it off and grabbed my phone. I checked my twitter, scrolling through the fan comments I was getting but one stuck out.

@Connor'sbæ: wow @daniellewaters is such a slut why don't you just go cut yourself

A wave of familiar sadness rushes over me. It wasn't the words that hurt me, it was the fact that it had over 100 favorites.


"Look who it is. The ugly slut." Brittney, the meanest girl in school, said causing everyone to laugh.

I walked calmly to my locker, grabbing my books for 1st period advanced math, and headed towards class. On the way their I was almost tripped 4 times. I sighed and sat down in my usual spot in the front of the room.

When the teacher came in, he started teaching us about how to calculate the angles of a triangle using sine, cosine, and tangent ratios.

I raised my hand long before anyone else. "Is the angle 47 degrees?"

"Yes, nice job Danielle."

"Nerd," I heard Brittney cough. The teacher just looked at me with pity in his eyes.

**end of flashback**

The sad thing is, is that I never knew why I was bullied. I mean yeah, I had braces and acne, but that all went away came junior year in high shchool. I was called fat so many times that I got into soccer and track. I would practice everyday, and slowly I turned almost all the fat in me to muscle. I slowly became more and more popular because I broke most of the girls track records. I felt like I changed myself, but for the better, right?

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