Chapter 5

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Chapter 5:

Suddenly all the girls burst out laughing about my gesture. Iris went straight to her room and when she opened the door, my mouth literally dropped. Maybe now I understood a little more that sentence Blair had said before.

"I want the bathroom on my side of the room"

Because their room was totally insane, it was separated in two by a thick white line of paint. One side of the room was completely baby pink color with some strands of light blue, full of books and some small stuffed animals, it had a small table containing a set of fine pottery and green tea on some of the teacups, it had the bathroom on that side.

Meanwhile, the other side of the room was painted on mainly purple and some stripes of black , covered on posters of handsome guys like Ian Somerhalder and so on, it had also at at least 5 pairs of broken headphones on the night table beside her bed and also 8 bottles of PINK perfume.

They were completely different persons with completely different likes and dislikes. I really couldn't believe they actually managed to get along.

"How do you manage to stand each other?" I asked them narrowing my grey-blue eyes.

Blair gave me an ear to ear smile.

"We just don't! These girlies over here don't want me to move out of my room even though Hannah sleeps alone! They want me to learn to be with an opposite of mine..and blah blah blah.... I have also told them if I could sleep on this living room, but they won't let me because they say they don't want it to be full of posters of handsome guys cause teachers can come in! "Blair shouted and crossed her arms.

"On top of that, Blair always shouts at me for every single thing I do! It's just my nature to correct things but she keeps telling me not to be a bookworm and that I'm childish, but what is she expecting from me? To be a complete ass?." Iris said in a tone a little louder than I expected, I raised my eyebrows.

I saw Blair narrow her eyes and open her mouth, she turned completely red and was about to explode, but Thalia saved the day.

"Calm down girl, be proud that Iris at least is learning how to defend herself...ummn.. You ain't need to shout.." She said giving small pushes to Blair on the arm. She finally raised her eyebrows and took a deep breath.

I was about to offer myself to change rooms with one of them, when the rest of the girls gave me a malicious look, I raised both my arms in innocence and they gave me an approving nod. Iris got out of her room with some buckets full of different colored dyes, certainly much more than I had expected. She had 8 buckets, one green, another yellow, orange, blue, red, black, brown and purple.

"How many experiments were you planning that had to do with dye?" She takes a little time to answer me but finally responds.

"I don't know, I just... Oh It doesn't matter okay?" Blair chuckled and we all got out of the room.

"Let me help you with that" I said in unison with Savannah and we both gave out a small smile. I grabbed the orange bucket, the blue one and the black one. Savannah took the yellow one, the purple one and the brown one. Iris stayed with the red and the green buckets of dye.

The girls were practically guiding me to the enormous swimming pool they had on campus, but Sophia had to stay and guard Savannah because she was with no belt on her waist and on top of that, she had 3 buckets do colored dye on her hands! Sophia was going mad, but they managed to follow us. I saw Thalia dancing salsa with Hannah while they went through the halls and I grinned.

I saw we were near the tennis courts of the boarding school and suddenly a boy with hazel eyes and brown hair and with some freckles on the bridge of his nose dart out from our left and give a quick peck on the lips to Thalia and leaves smiling,. I suddenly narrow my eyes. He was wearing a cap and apparently some clothes covered with sweat, he must have been practicing really hard or he just has this disease called Hyperhidrosis.I suspect it was the first option.I shook my head leaving all my thoughts behind.

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