Chapter 7:Heartbreak

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Zayns POV

I drove to the park and saw Louis sitting there with his head down it looked like he's crying

I beeped the horn and startled him a bit

He walked up to my car and said

"Jesus! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!"

I smiled and gestured him to get inside my car

"So...did you and Eleanor break up?"I asked him

He nodded and looked down at his feet

"I'm sorry lad, I promise you you'll find someone better than her"I said

He looked up at me and said "Thank you"

I nodded and drove us back to Nialls flat

Nialls POV

Zayn and Louis got back

"Hey Ni,could I talk to you for a bit?"He asked me

"Sure"I said and walked over to him

"So...Louis and Eleanor broke up and..."

"Wait! They broke up?!"I asked him

He nodded and continued

"...I was wondering if you could help me by getting his mind off of her?"He asked me

I nodded and went back to where everyone was

"Alright! Everyone time for bed!"I said

They all groaned and went to the guest rooms

Me,Jade,Perrie,and Zayn stayed in one room

Jesy,Louis,Leigh,and Harry stayed in the other

And Liam,Daisy,and Janna stayed in my room

Soon we all drifted to sleep


Perrie's POV

I woke up to the sun shining in my face and I turned over to a sleepy Zayn next to me

I smiled and kissed his nose and got up to brush my teeth

I saw that Harry and Leigh were already brushing there teeth as well so I went in and joined them

When I was done I saw that everyone was up already,well almost everyone,Liam was still asleep cuddling his build-a-bear in bed.

I saw Louis sitting on the couch looking tired as ever

I waked over to him and asked him what's wrong

He said him and Eleanor broke up

I sat there in shock

I can't believe Eleanor would cheat on Louis,we used Ro hang out all the time when Danielle and Liam were still together, well people change

I gestured my arms to Louis to pull him in for a hug

We hugged until he pulled back and said thank you

I saw Jade in the kitchen and walked over to her

She was talking with Daisy and Janna

"Hi Perrie!"Daisy and Janna said at the same time

"Hey guys!"I said

I asked Jade...

"Did you hear what happened to Louis and Eleanor?"

"Yeah Niall was talking about it in his sleep, he said he..."

"Wait Niall sleep-talks?"I asked her while giggling

She smiled and said...

"Yeah cheeky right? Anyways he said that Zayn and him were thinking about doing something special for Louis to get his min off of Eleanor"

"Well I remember talking to him one time and he said that he would love to have a whole day at the carnival, should we take him there today?"I asked her

She smiled and nodded

We walked up to the guest room as we saw Niall,Jesy,Harry,Zayn,and Leigh holding air horns,pies,and whipped cream

They walked up to where Liam was still sleeping and me and Jade looked at each other and immediately knew what they were gonna do

We saw in the corner Daisy and Janna holding cameras facing it at Liam

Soon everyone ran to Liam threw all those things in his face and shouted

"SMACK CAM!!!!!"

Then they all ran out screaming while Liam chased after them

*The time to take Louis to the carnival*

Louis POV

Perrie told me to go get ready for something, she didn't tell me what but I got ready anyways

When I went downstairs I saw Perrie,Niall,Jade,and Zayn all smiling at me

"...Uh, there something you guys are not telling me?"I asked

Zayn came closer to me and said

"Louis were taking you to the carnival! And were staying there all day!"

"Really?! Yay I've always wanted to do this!"I said

Then we all got in Nialls car and drove off to the carnival

*After 2 hours of rides,food,and fun*

"Ok...Louis...we...need to take a break!"Jade said out of breath

"No!! I want to go on more rides!!"I said

"Louis we've been on each ride more than 5 times I think you deserve to give us a break"Perrie said

"Ugh all are no fun"I said and they all shook there heads and smiled

After a long break that seemed like forever we finally got to go on more rides

Soon it came dark and there were fireworks being lit up in the sky

I saw Perrie and Zayn kissing

And Jade and Niall cuddling

I didn't mind because now I'm over Eleanor but then I turned over and saw Eleanor kissing...Harry?
Ooh cliffhanger ;)

But isn't it strange when right after I made a chapter but Elounor breaking up, there were rumors about them breaking up?

Talk about coincidence

And did you guys hear about the wmyb house burning down? :'(


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