"Bye! Aunt Helen! I'll see you in a couple weeks for Christmas!", said Emily as she hugged her aunt then got on the bus. Emily found her seat. She was siting next to another redhead. Emily put her stuff in a storage compartment above the seats and she sat down."Hi, I'm Emily.", Emily stated as she put her hand out to shake. "I'm Amanda", Amanda replied as she shook Emily's hand. "So, what brings you to Washington D.C.?", said Emily trying to start a conservation with Amanda who she was stuck siting next to for the next 8 hours. "I'm looking for my dad and you?", said Amanda. "I live in D.C. May I ask why you are looking for your dad?", asked Emily. "Well I lived with my mom in till I was 5 when I was kidnapped, she got me back as you can see. My mom thought it was to dangerous to keep me around so she sent me away and when my mom died 6 years ago in a house fire I was left her fortune and I was still living with the people my mom sent me to and after my mom died they were never the same they weren't as nice and they were a pain in my butt and I've been living with that for 6 years and I can't take it any longer. So that's why I'm coming to D.C. to find my dad", answered Amanda. "How do you know he's in D.C.?", asked Emily. "Well when ever I asked about my dad I was told a story and that my mom met him at work and she worked in D.C.", answered Amanda. "Do you have a last name or anything for your dad?", asked Emily. "I have a last name. My mom gave me my dads last name." ,answered Amanda. "Well that's a start.",stated Emily. "Well I have a last name and he's initials."Amanda stated. "Okay.", said Emily. They didnt know what to say so they sat quiet next to each other well Amanda slept on the trip just like Gibbs would and about 4 hours out for D.C. Emily finely said something." What is your dads last name and initials? If I may ask?", asked Emily. "I don't mind. L.J.G and Gibbs.", answered Amanda. That sounds like uncle Gibbs. I have to find out more important, thought Emily. "Where did your mom work at?", asked Emily. "Ncis", answered Amanda. Her dad has to be uncle Gibbs. She's has red hair and blue eyes so that puts uncle Gibbs in favor for being her dad. Uncle Gibbs always did like redheads. Wow. I have a cousin and she's siting next to me and she doesn't know it, thought Emily. "Do you have a place to stay when you get to D.C? Because you don't know how long it will be before you find your dad. If you find him", asked Emily. "I was just going to find some cheap hotel and I will find him. I have to.", stated Amanda. "Oh, okay. Hey! Why don't you stay with me at my place?", asked Emily. "Sorry I'm not one to say with complete strangers", Amanda stated kinda putting up guards. " Please! my dads FBI. So you would be safer with me! Please!", Emily begged. My gut tells me to go, but why? I don't know her. Why does she want me to go with her? It seems she's hiding something. But what? Listen to the gut Amanda. It hasn't been wrong yet, Amanda thought. "Fine! But I know how to defend my self. So don't try a thing!", Amanda stated. I can't believe I'm doing this, Amanda thought, I'm going to a complete strangers house to stay there. The two girls started to talk to get to know each other and they because fast friends but Amanda still knows she was hiding something but what? That she didnt know and couldn't finger it out. "30 minutes out. I should call my dad. Ill be back", stated Emily as she grabbed her phone and went in to the bus bathroom.
Emily calls fornell
"Hey Emily! How was Aunt Helen's?"
"Hey dad! It was good. I had fun. We are 30 minutes away"
"Yeah we."
"Who's this other person?"
"For the sound of things and she last name and her blue eyes.....Uncle Gibbs daughter."
"Did you say uncle Gibbs...daughter?"
"Yes! And she's coming to D.C. To find her dad and I asked her know she would find him and she said that her mom worked with him and she has his last name and initials and they match uncle Gibbs!"
"Where did her mom work?"
"And she has red hair?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"Her mom was the ncis director"
"We have to tell uncle Gibbs!"
"Not yet"
"Then when?"
"Soon. Look I got to go. Ill have your mom pick you up. Love you bye." Then Emily went back to her seat. "So?", asked Amanda "everything is cool.", stated Emily. "Okay.", relied Amanda still knowing she was keeping something. ------------- done with this part. Feedback please.-------

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