My Life With 2p America (2p Hetalia FanFiction)

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I do not own any of the 2p Hetalia characters, but I do own Kista (Cupcake) and the plot of the story. I hope you enjoy the book. Please leave comments. Warning does have bad language

"Hay! Cupcake" one of my friend came over to me waving her hand. "My god do you walk fast,"

I turned to look at her think of that to say, for why I was walking fast. "Um... I was going home before everyone els got out," she must have thought that because she gave me a smile.

"Make sure you do not get in trouble at home now. See you soon," with that said she gave me a hug and walked away. I let out a sigh was I mad sure no one saw me leave. I was going the long was to my home today. I did not rely won't to go home but I had to. Trust me if your mom and dad yelled at you for nothing you did, you would not wont to go home.

After a while I did my normal turn to this alley which was one of the safest one there is. Haha funny right, I do not get it to. I got in the alley and started to walk again, but I heard a noise coming from behind me. I thought it was just a cat so I kept on walking. Not rely thinking of what made it.


"Come on England it was just a prank. Do you think that I was going to kill Canada for real?" England just stud there as he thought.

"Well... Could have been worse, England. Canada and America are still alive and no one saw them," the two nations stud there looking a France then to England. Canada moved his hockey stick to a more comfortable position. America lift up his baseball bat and mored it to one shoulder. After a while of no one talking, England walked over and slapped the two younger nations.

"You should at lest think before you to start a FIGHT! What is a human saw that? What would you do than?" England stood there waiting one of them to talk, instead both stud up and walked away. The two looked at each other before leaving the house.

"That old man. What does he know," America groaned as walk side by side with his brother. After a while the two of them came to this alley. They did not know what was going on, but sounds like a fight.

"What is wrong Cupcake? Are you afraid of us that you can't fight bake?"

"No go away!! Help! Someone HELP ME!" Cupcake yelled on the top of her lungs. To two nations stop on looking down the alley.

"Well Canada what do you think we shod do?" America said was a smile created on his face.

"I think that some blood is need to be spilt,"As Canada grabs his hockey stick and smiled to.


The next thing I see is two boys coming over to here. One of them was a tall, blond hair boy that had a strange curl. The other was tall to, but with red hair. Both of them had weapons with them. What mad it really scary was that the weapons had blood that was still dripping.

"WHAT THE HELL!" One of the boy that had my black hair in his hand. The two boys that was betting me up frown in surprise.

"What do you think you are doing picking on a girl?" That one that had red hair said

"I think you need to die now." The one with the hokey stick lifted it up and hit one of the boys in the head. The boy fell to the ground with blood spilling.

"No no no!" The boy that is left started to run but boy with the baseball bate got to him first. After a while the two boy that was betting me up ran away from the alley.

"Are you all right?" The red hair said. I was not able to say a word before I fainted.

"Um... Canada now what? She like pastout," Canada bent down to get a better look.

"Well she is in pretty bad condition. I think that we should take her to your home than," America nodded in agreement to what Canada said.

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