It was odd.

It was odd, Stiles had woken up before me and tried to convince me that everything is okay, even though we have no idea where we are.

We found a door that led out of the room and it led to a hallway.

But before we walked out, I checked all the drawers in the room. One had a knife in it, and I brought it with me just in case we run into any trouble. Stiles thought it would be a good idea. Plus, Allison had taught me self defense and part of that training was how to use a knife for defense purposes. And she taught me which parts of the body are an automatic kill when stabbed. I also have some other stuff up my sleeve, but of course I never told anyone. I never wanted it used against me.

I still can't figure out how he had acted so cool and calm. And I also cant understand why Sam would leave us together, if it is Sam that's done this.

We continue to walk down the hallway and before long, it comes to a fork splitting in two directions.

"Which way should we go?" I ask. He points to the right. "This way." He says. I nod and follow him. We walk for a little while until I spot something at the other end of the hallway that confuses me.

Its Stiles and I.

Or at least they look like us.

And the look alike's seem to be coming towards us.

Stiles puts his hand on my shoulder and looks at me.

"They... they look just like us... what the hell..." He said. I swallowed before walking towards them. Stiles walks closer to me, whispering in my ear.

"Look... whatever they say- we have to remember that they're lying. If they try to convince us of anything we know that they're lying. We have to stick together and get out of where ever the hell we are." He says. I nod.

We walk closer to them and I stay right behind Stiles, nervous.

"Who the hell are you people? If you're even people." Stiles says from beside me. I look over and see that the copy of me is hiding slightly behind the copy of Stiles like I am with the real Stiles.

"That's what I was going to ask you. Who the hell are you two?" The other Stiles asks.

"Oh please." I say rolling my eyes, still behind Stiles.

The other Lydia looks at me. "Excuse me?" She says. I roll my eyes stepping out from behind Stiles.

"You're excused, bitch." I say. "Now stop pretending to be me because your imitation is pretty sad." I say. Stiles laughs from beside me.

"Nice one." He says smirking.

I watch as the other Stiles who's facing us looks at me confused. "Lydia? Wait... You're the real Lydia aren't you?" He says.

"Uh... yeah... duh..." I say. The Lydia imitator looks at him and shakes her head, getting closer to him.

"No Stiles- I'm the real Lydia, I was the one who came out here with you, can't you see? You have to believe me." she says. He shakes his head.

"No... no you aren't." he says. She shakes her head and quickly gets closer to him before pushing her lips to his passionately. She then pulls away and staying close to him.

"You have to trust me Stiles. You have to." She says.

When she kisses him, my stomach goes sour. I look at him confused.

What am I feeling? Jealousy?...

He shakes his head and in one quick motion he swipes a knife from his back pocket and stabs her before pulling the knife out as she falls to the floor.

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