Chapter 7

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"Ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call, phone call! Ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call, phone call!"

"Hello?" I answered the phone. "Who is this? Name, please?" I asked. I knew it could only be my parents, for they were the only ones who knew the home phone number... And their policy was to say these exact words when you receive a phone call.

"Good, but your speeding is a bit off. Don't pause in between. You must NEVER show any sign of hesitation. Also, make your voice sound deeper, so you can make the caller believe that you are an adult... Remember that. That is essential."

I rolled my eyes. Why the hell must I do this? It's useless anyways... Idiot, I muttered in my head, so that no one but me could hear my sentence. Had my mother heard that sentence, she would've scolded the hell outta me. "Yes ma'am," I said.

"Good," she said. "Now... What did you get on your latest test?"

"99," I answered. No use in lying. She could easily tell from a lie and a truth. She was, after all, a lawyer.

"99?!" she barked. She always seemed for perfection. "YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN 100! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?!" she yelled, hurting my ears.

Well, I'm so sorry for getting a good grade, I thought, rolling my eyes. 99% is a really good grade too! Especially if it was preassesment!"S-Sorry... I'll try harder next time."

She sighed, and took a deep breath. "THIS COULD WRECK YOUR WHOLE GRADE! YOU CAN'T GET A 100% AVERAGE NOW!"

A preassesment isn't gonna hurt your grade... And a 99% isn't gonna kill you... Idiot, I thought. "I-I'll try to upper the grade then," I said. "S-Sorry."

"You'd better," she humphed, and hung up.

I rolled my eyes. "Stupid," I muttered. "This is so stupid, listening to her. I wish I can just tell her my REAL thoughts..."

"Well then, do so!"

"W-Who was that?" I wondered aloud. "EMI, WAS THAT YOU?"

"Nope," she answered, flying out of her "room," which was my lunchbox where I had placed the other three eggs. "It was her." she pointed at a midnight black egg with a crimson red cross on it.

A shugo chara popped out of the egg. "Yo," she muttered, staring coldly at Emi. "Are you blaming me for talking? What the hell is this? Am I not allowed to talk? I'm a free shugo chara, you know. And what happened to the 'freedom of speech?' Idiot."

She had blood red hair, with a tiny bit of it tied back into a mini side ponytail using a black cross pin, just like Hinamori Amu did it. Her hair covered half of her face, and she wore black eye shadow as well as red lipstick, forming a heart. She wore a red shirt with a black skull design on it, and the skirt revealed her belly. She wore an extremely short black skirt, and beneath it she wore black net-like leggings. She struck a pose, giving off a "cool and spicy!" look. Her right hand was placed on her hip, leaning on her right side. She reminded me of Hinamori Amu in some way, with the "cool and spiciness" she had.

Emi glared at the newborn shugo chara. "Don't act like a bully," she pouted.

The shugo chara narrowed her eyes at her. "Well then don't blame me for something as stupid as talking."

Emi rolled her eyes. "Then don't think that I'm blaming you. I was merely INFORMING Shizuko here."

"Now you're lying to me. Shizuko must really hate you for being so loud and annoying and stupid."

"Hush, child. You do NOT want to be MY enemy," Emi warned.

The newborn laughed. "HA! YOU don't want to be MY enemy."

"We'll see about that," Emi said coldly. I have never seen her THIS angry before. She was the all smiley type of girl, and nothing could get her angry or down.

Except for this.

"S-Stop fighting," I said, trying to break them off.

"Yeah, stop trying to pick a fight with me," the newborn said.

"You were the one who started it," Emi humphed.

"Stop. Please," I begged.

"Why can't you bit more like her? The newborn pointed at me. "She, at least, has something that YOU definitely don't have: manners."

Emi rolled her eyes. "Oh please. You don't even know what the meaning of 'manners' is."

"Pl-Please don't fight. You two haven't even introduced yourselves to each other yet."

It was as if electricity buzzed through each others' eyes.

"Please," I begged. "At least introduce yourselves."

Emi hesitantly held up her hand. "Emi. Nice to meet you," she said through her gritted teeth, and fake-smiled.

The newborn slapped her hand away. "Kina," she muttered through gritted teeth.

Emi seethed, and you could literally see steam pouring out of her ears. She whirled around to face me. "Shizukooooo!" she whined. "Can you just stop believing in her so that she won't exist? She's so annoying and mean!"

Kina humphed. "Who are YOU calling annoying?"

"See what I mean?!"

I sighed. Oh boy... I thought. This is gonna be a long day.

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