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Chapter Two

Aubrey's POV

"Where were you at lunch today?" Elizabeth asks as the bell rings for the end of the day. I usually sat with her at lunch but I was with Luke instead; I forgot to get her to join us.

"Oh I was with Luke," I say casually while exchanging books and binders from my backpack to my locker and vice versa. She closed her locker - four lockers down from mine and three down from Luke - and looked at me half hurt half shocked.

"Oh. Okay..." she says and puts her bag back on her back, bringing her hair to either side of her head. "That's cool.."

I nodded and smiled, "He eats a lot," I say putting my bag on my back and mocking her hair ritual. "And he's really funny," I say and giggle at the thought of our nationality banter.
She widens her eyes and intertwines her arm into mine while I close my locker and we walk to our buses. "Okay, well your going to prom right?" she asks as we get to my bus. She lets go of my arm and looks at me patiently awaiting my reply.

I shrugged and made a sour face, "I don't know, maybe..? I don't even have a date. I'd be all alone while you and Jason suck face," I say and she shakes her head. I begin to head up the bus steps as she yells back at me that I indeed are going and that Jason and her will indeed not be sucking face. I giggle to myself as I walk back to my seat; however, it was being occupied by a person whom was not me.

"Um, excuse me, but this is my seat," I say to the back of the beanie-covered head as it scrolled through his or her phone. The person looks away from the iPhone 5 and up at me, looking at me with the oh- so-familiar bright blue eyes and smiles cheekily.

"Oh this seat?" He says, still smiling and looks around the seat as if he were looking for something. "Well, I... Don't see.. A name," he says and smiles back at me and I laugh. He moves his backpack and motions for me to sit.

"I didn't know you rode this bus," I say as I situate myself beside him. He nods.

"I do," he chuckles. "I didn't know you rode this bus," he counters.

I look at him and smirk, "I do," I giggle. He nods and laughs and offers me one of his earbuds. I take it and place it in my left ear and wait.

He, again, thumbs his way through his Music app in search of the perfect song and presses it for the both of us to listen to on our way home.


I was jolted awake by the bus not dodging a pothole and open my eyes. I was leaned against something hard. I raise my head off of it slowly and the earbud falls out of my ear as the bus hits another pothole.

"Ow! Shit," I look at the hard figure and remember what had happened- it was Luke. I giggle as he gets gets off the window rubbing his head and replacing the beanie. He looks up and around and gets his bag. "I'm almost home."
I nod and look around.

"Wait, you live over there?" I ask pointing to the next house and look up at him as he now stands.

He nods and moves in front of me as I stand to let him out of the seat. "Yeah, you wanna come hang out or something?" He asks

I shake my head. "Uh no. I- I can't..." I say. I shake my head slowly in a fail attempt to get rid of the tears brimming in my eyes. I looked back at Luke. He looked at me with a confused-hurt expression and walked off the bus. He stood at the end of his driveway and stared at me as we drove by and yelled, "I'll call you!"


"So what did you learn today?" My mother asks as we sit around the dinner table. She casually taps my elbows and I remove them from the table while rolling my eyes and taking a deep breathe.

"Did you know that they sold Uncle's house?" I ask suddenly, causing my grandfather to choke on his green bean. They shake their heads and my mom laughs softly as if she didn't believe me.

"Who's? Uncle Dave? Your Aunt Debbie lives there still," mom said and I shake my head.

"Nope," I say. "The Hemmings' live there now," I say and take a bite of my pork chop. Grandfather puts his fork down and walks away and grandmother goes after him.

Uncle Dave was Grandfather's only brother. His younger brother. Nobody every thought he would die first and Grandfather surely wasn't over it, neither were we. Especially me.

"I'm. Sorry, I'm done. Can I be excused?" I say and get up without waiting for permission and go straight to my bedroom, closing the door behind me. Right as I got in my phone vibrated and I answered without checking the I.D.

"Hello?" I ask flopping back on my bed.

"Hey Aubrey!" The voice on the other line yelled. It was surely a he, and it definitely wasn't American due to the accent and I smiles immediately.

"Hey Hemmings," I say not as loudly as he did. He chuckles and I can hear him shuffling around, then the sound of a door closing.

"We're on a last name basis now? Too fast, Jones, slow down. What kind of boy do you take me for?" he says and I giggle.

"Your right, our friendship escalated too quickly, Hemmings."

"Wait! Hold on! Know we're friends!? Holy shit, I've never moved this fast with a girl before." I laughed even harder at that one and sat up in my bed, making myself comfortable.

"So I'm your first?"

"Yes, you are definitely my first," he says and I can tell he is smiling like an idiot like he always does.

"That's good," I say and giggle softly. "Hey, uh. Sorry about earlier."

"It's okay, I understand, I'm not cool enough to hang out with. I get it, the nerd never wins."

"Wait, nerd?"

He sighs and probably nods I assume, "Yes, Jones, a nerd. I was a nerd in Sydney. I even wore bright green glasses.." he says slowly like he was ashamed, I laugh at the thought. "Don't laugh at me! I was bullied for it ya know," he says and I cough to cover up my laughter.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't laughing. I'm sorry," I say and finally get myself to stop. "But no, it's not that your not cool enough, it's just the house," I say.

"What did someone die here or something?" he asks jokingly.





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Hope this Is what you expected in means of quality. I hope to update Soon but idek. I love you guys and thanik you for being so patient :*

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