chapter 17

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Taylor's POV

what has Lola done.

she pushed my family away from me... I want to leave her so bad, but she is carrying my child.

"Lola I need to tell you something"


"I can't do this anymore, pretend I'm in love with you when I'm not, pretend to be happy when I'm not, you pushed my family away from me"

"fine, I was going to tell you the baby isn't yours anyway, I just said it was to make morgan jealous" she screamed

Lola grabbed her stuff and left.

wow, that was easy.

Morgan's POV

thank god I'm going to a party tonight with my friends, I need a night away from everything.

I put on my neon yellow dress and matching heals, I curled my long purple/pink hair and put diamonds grips in, I put my basic makeup on and left.

we were partying, of course I didn't drink because of the baby, my friends kept calling me the 'mom' of the group.

a boy grabbed my wrist and smashed his lips against mine... the sparks were there, my hands wrapped around his neck as I kissed back.

we pulled away and I noticed it was Taylor...

"I can't do this Taylor, I love you but I'm having Declan's child and Lola is having yours"

"she isn't, it was a lie to make you jealous"

my heart let out a sigh of release... but I can't leave Declan.

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