Chapter 1: The Best of Friends

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There are 5 minutes left of the last class of the day. I look behind me at Clay. He has his elbows proped up on the desk holding his face up and daydreaming out the window. Suddenly the bell rings and I scramble out of my seat not realizing that there is a puddle of water on the floor. When I stand up, my feet start slipping but Clay grabs me from falling. There are a couple guys in the corner pointing and laughing. Way to state the obvious. But I am used to this. Clay helps me past the puddle then gives the gigling group his death stare making them scramble out of the room. Clay lets out a sigh shaking his head.

"Are you okay Blair?" he asks a little annoyed.

"Yeah. Im fine. Don't worry. Im used to being treated like this." I say trying to reasure him.

"I will worry and you should not be treated like this at all." he says pulling my wrist gently to the parking lot and over to his car. He drives to his house where we always hang out after school in his back yard.

He parks the car and i get out and run to his back yard slipping off my shoes and climb onto his trampoline and just sart jumping. I watch him walk into the back yard and throw his bag to the ground. He leans his back against the trampoline so I stop jumping and crawl up behind him and wrap my arms losely around his neck. He tilts his head up to look at me. I smile at him and he spins around jumping up onto the trampoline. He grabs my hand and pulls me over to him.

"Wanna do a flip?" He asks with a smile. His smile is amazing so I don't know why he doesn't smile at school.

"How?" I ask.

"Here. Bend over and give me ur hands though your legs."

"What?!" I ask shocked trying not to blush.

"Just come on you will see." he replies trying not to smile. I do as he says but personally i think it is a little awkward. I am bent over in front of him. He grabs my hands. "You ready?" I nod and he flips me over. I yelp in surprise but then realize that I am standing strait up. I turn around and smile. He smiles back then lets go of my hands.

We spend a little more time on the trampoline jumping and playing crack the egg. Then we get off of the trampoline and go over to the porch swing and go back and forth. Clay's mom brings out some ice cream. So we both start eating it.

"Hey Clay. Guess what?" I ask.

"What?" he asks. I giggle and push his ice cream into his face and run laughing. He tries to use his tongue and lick it off but he can't do it. I fall to the ground from laughing so hard. He stands up and sets his ice cream on the ground and walks over to me. He picks me up from behind and starts wipeing his face on my back.

"No... Clay... Stop ... haha ... you are going to get it in my hair...." I reply laughing.

"Well maybe you should watch who you mess around with." he says. His arms let go of me. So I turn around and shove him back still laughing a little. There is still ice cream on his chin. "...... Come here." he smirks. I carefully walk over to him and he wipes his chin on my hair.

"Clay! Seriously! I told you not to get it in my hair!" I shout trying to get it out of my hair. He smiles.

"Sorry. But you look so .... cute with it in your hair."

"Oh shut up! You need to be careful!" He walks over to me and places his hands on my shoulders.

"Calm down Blair. Your not dying." he says. My cell phone rings so i answer it.

"Yes?" I say.

"Hey honey its time to come home!" my mom replies.

"Okay." i say hanging up. I look at Clay and he pulls me in hugging me. I wrap my arms around his waist.

"I will walk you home Blair." he says pulling away. I grab my bag and we walk down the street to my house.

When we ger there, I give Clay one last hug and go inside.

Today was nice except for getting ice cream in my hair. I go upstairs take a shower then go to bed.

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