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*Justin's POV*

"Don't worry Kitten." I said. "I'll take care of you."

She was still crying into my shirt. We sat there by the road for about 10 minutes. Until she spoke up.

"What am I going to do Justin?" she asked still crying into my chest. "I have no where to go..."

"I said I would take care of you and I am. You can stay with me, my tour is finished anyways." I said. She nodded her head. "Do you have anything you want to get at your house quick well he is gone?" I asked rubbing her back.

"Yeah just all my money so I can buy some new things, and my car."

"Okay, let's go."

We drove to her house in silence, with her sniffling her nose every minute.

"Hey" I said looking at her as we came to a stop at a red light. "Everything's gonna be alright." She smiled and nodded with her tear stained checks.

*Bris POV*

We got to my house. Well old house, I told Justin to stay in the car while I get my things.

I walked in mine and Ansels bedroom and saw him leaning up against the wall.

"Your finally home, look Bri I'm so sorry" He said. "I love you no-"

"I'm not staying." I said.


"I'm moving in with Justin."

"The hell you are!!" He screamed. At this point I didn't care about getting my things I just wanted to leave. I ran in the living room when Ansel pulled me on the couch. Him on top of me.

"Your my girlfriend, I love you and I'm going to prove it" He said.

He started kissing me, making his way down to my neck and chest area.

"Ansel stop!" I screamed. He yanked off his shirt and mine.

"Ansel get off of me!" I shouted hoping someone would hear. Ansel punched me in my head, and then slapped me making me yelp in pain. My head and nose were bleeding.

He then took off his pants and then mine. Kissing my stomach, he went up by my ear and whispered.

"Don't you miss this?" He said.

"You sick bastard!" I screamed I started crying, he laughed and threw me on the floor. He was on top of me once again, rubbing up and down against my body, I could feel him getting hard.

By now I had a major headache, my head was bleeding like crazy along with my nose. And I had 1 bruise on both my arms by my shoulders where he was holding me down.

"Ansel... stop." I whispered. The pain was too much for me to scream. I started crying when I heard a voice.

"Get the fuxk off of her!" it was Justin.

*Justins POV*

I heard Bri screaming so I got out of my car and tried to open the door. But it was locked. It took me awhile but managed to get the door open. I walked in and saw Ansel on top of Bri. She was just in her bra and underwear. She was bleeding and had bruises.

"Get the fuxk off of her!!" I screamed.

Ansel looked up.

"Well look who it is, Bieber saving the day." He said getting up. Bri was still laying on the ground to weak to get up.

I pushed Ansel against the wall.

"Never touch her again!" I spat.

"Why? Ive touched her before." He said with a smirk.

I punched him in the face making him fall to the ground. I kicked him in the stomach, and looked over to Bri. She was siting In the corner crying. I walked over to her.

"Do you want my jacket?" I asked.

She nodded.

I put my jacket around her and then picked her up and went back out to the car. I put her in the passengers seat and bulked her in. I went to my side and started the car up.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

She kept crying.

"Do you wanna go see your mom and dad?" She cried even more

When we got back to my house I picked her up and put her on the bed and covered her up. I went to go get an ice pack and some wet cloths to clean up the blood. When I came back she was sound asleep, I cleaned her up and then left the room.

How could Ansel break my girl?

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