Chapter 6: Where is she?

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Alic's POV:

I skated down the street from the o2l house to the MAGCON house. Since there's no steps into their house I opened the door quickly and skated into their house. All the boys looked at me like I was crazy for skating into their house uninvited but before they could ask any questions I jumped off my board sending it crashing into the wall. All the boys gave me questionable looks and kept trying to answer their questions while they followed me around the house. I searched the entire house before I finally went up to Nash.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS HAILEY" I screamed in his face. He stood there dumbfounded at my sudden outburst. "DON'T JUST STAND THERE TELL ME WHERE THE FUCK SHE IS" I screamed again.

Matt tried to come up to me but I just glared at him. He slowly backed away and joined the rest of the boys that were surrounding Nash and I. I just stared at him until he finally answered.

"I..I..I thought she was with you." He stuttered, all I did was scream. This has happened before and we didn't find her for almost a week. I quickly stormed out of the house with all the boys following after me. I set my longboard down on the sidewalk and went off to find Hailey. I could tell that the boys were following me because I heard many loud footsteps following behind me. They were all yelling at me to stop or to slow down but I knew I couldn't I had to find her to make sure she was okay.


Hailey's POV:

Once Alic had said that I was going on a date with Ricardo I flipped out. I didn't respond with anything and she said that she was coming over I freaked out. 'I have to get out of here before she comes' I thought I quickly grabbed my longboard and told Nash that I was going to Alic's even though I wasn't. I went to the only place where I knew I could be alone, and that was.......

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