Chapter 4

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    "Darl" I asked.

     How was he here? How did he know where we were? a million questions raced through my head. The questions in my head were interrupted by darl saying "we have to get as far away from here as we can." Carl and I agreed.

      We followed him through the woods, but then the questionable me took over and I stopped and said "I am not moving one inch until I get answers!" Darl stopped and said "alright, what do you want to know?" "How are you here?"


        Darl said that dad made him follow the train but once it got too fast he had to jump on the back. Once the train stopped he thought we had already gotten of so he went looking for us then after a day of walking he found the town were we stopped to rest so he waited till morning and he found us that morning.

        I was about to ask another question when the group of walkers came up behind us. I was struggling with the gun because I had never shot one. I finally started to run without them. After what seemed like fifteen minutes I stopped and looked back. I had lost Carl.

        I was freaking out. I had no food, no water. All I had was a gun i didn't know how to shoot. I thought about shooting of a few bullets, but that would be wasteful and walkers would get here sooner.

       What I decided was to find the next town and stay there till Carl came through. I kept thinking to myself 'keep moving'. I kept walking for hours and hours until I stumbled upon a town I let out a cry of relief.

       I ran around the town with the biggest smile on my face. Then suddenly I ran into something. I fell on the ground then I heard a man say looks like we have dinner for tonight.


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