It had been a week since my humiliating performance with James in front on the music class. I still felt super uncomfortable looking people in the eye why had seen me and heard me perform with such a croaky voice but James tried his best to make me feel better. Most nights I found myself round at his house; I mean I felt a little bad as if I had suddenly just become a member of their family. I felt as though I was an annoying little cousin how had now become part of the furniture in the McVey household but they always said that it was a pleasure to have me round at the house, although I am pretty sure deep down inside they wish I wasn't there so much.

We were walking home from school that night hand in hand.

"I think I quite like this girlfriend and boyfriend thing" he smiled "do you think I am getting better as a boyfriend? I haven't been one before" he asked openly with a half smile perfectly placed on his face.

"Oh James it is like your a professional boyfriend" I smiled and squeezed his hand tight.

"Awh you're beyond adorable" he laughed.

My mum didn't really know James that well. To her he was just the new boy I was doing my ensemble with. I hadn't told he was my boyfriend, and he had never been round to my house. In some ways that was a good thing but in other ways it made me feel guilty. There was no way I wanted James to meet Ashton - he would just laugh and be the annoying little brother that he always seems to be when I have friends round. But at the same time I though that it was only right that I should offer for him to come round.

"Hey, how do you fancy coming to mine tonight for tea and a practice of course" I smiled looking up at his perfection, "It is only fair if I give your parents a break form having me around the house permanently"

"Awh babe, they really like you honestly, you're no problem to them" he smiled sweetly.

"Aw well it is very kind of them, so I feel it is my turn to offer" I smiled.

"Okay then" he grinned running his free hand through his hair smoothly.

"Oh just mind my brother he may try and wind me up and say that we are dating and all of that shit so I really hope he doesn't annoy us or try and tear us apart" I said wearily.

"Honestly sweetie I don't think anything in this world - whether it be physically or verbally, will ever tear me away from you" he grinned. There was a pause of complete silence, all I could hear was our breath in the cold crisp autumn air and my heart thudding against my chest. "Omg I'm so sorry if that was so cheesy" he blushed "I-I didn't mean for it to come out that cheesy honestly - don't judge me for i-it". It was the first time since that very first day of the year that I had seen him look so shy and vulnerable.

"Oh James, I couldn't have put what you said in to better words myself" I smiled reassuringly. It felt odd reassuring James - he was the one how was forever helping me and soothing me and now he was she and without any confidence himself. We stood there and I hugged him resting my head against his chest. We were on the pavement of a busy main road; people passing by looking at us - thinking to themselves "oh just two more school kid lovers". But for once I didn't care what anyone thought, James was right nothing should be able to tear us apart if we were in love like we were.

"Thank you sweetie" he smiled.

"James it okay" I hugged "together forever?"

"Forever and ever" he smiled and squeezed me tight....

(To be continued)

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